Episode 98 – Your Transmutation Story

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The Easter story is the incredible story of an incredible man and the followers who loved him. It is also our story. It shows us the path of transmutation – fundamentally changing ourselves and allowing new life to arise in us. Every time a crucifixion experience shows up in our lives, we have the opportunity to walk the path to a higher way of being. Every time. That’s one of the promises of Easter. In this episode we share reflections on the Easter story and our experiences with transmutation.


The Easter Story

A demonstration of the Kingdom – not as people expected

“Follow me”

Historical and also our story

A story of  transmutation

We are called to enter it

It is historical and also our story


The movement to a higher form of Being

From personal consciousness to Kingdom/Higher/God consciousness

We experience crucifixion (metaphorically speaking) – those times when it seems as though the whole world has turned against us

On the other side of it, are we a higher form of ourselves? Do we move through it with faith, strength and courage to resurrection?

The Kingdom is within

Don’t spend time in hate and resentment, trying to right all the wrongs of the world

Change what is inside

Everything changes when we live as love and forgiveness instead of fear and hate

The Easter Story


The Tomb


Crucifixion – the many forms of suffering, including being rejected, abandoned or betrayed by friends, experiencing unjust treatment, being misunderstood or falsely accused, losing your life’s work, experiencing abuse/physical pain

If we want to move through it, we must meet it with love, forgiveness and surrender

The Tomb – Entering the Mystery, taking time apart in the quiet, unseen, and unknown, the in-between. Let go, let God. Surrender.

Resurrection – Rising to a new level of consciousness, a new way of Being.. Allowing new life to emerge in and as us.

One of the promises of Easter:

Every time we have a crucifixion experience, we have the opportunity to walk the path to a higher way of Being

Recipe for Transmutation:

Trust God

Let go of your burdens

Love and forgive

Meet the pain – don’t resist

Die to the old you

Enter the tomb

Allow the new to arise

Dialogue and Inquiry

  • What does the Easter story mean to you?
  • When you look at your life, can you see patterns that represent crucifixion, tomb time and resurrection? Share your experience.
  • Where are you now (i.e. crucifixion, tomb time or resurrection)?
  • Is there something you need to die to in order for a new life to emerge in you?
  • Share a resurrection experience, keeping in mind that this is a higher level of being, a new emergent life, not ‘feeling a whole lot better.’
  • Share how releasing resentment, hate and revenge, and choosing to live as love and forgiveness has transformed your life. What was your tomb experience like? Can you say you are a different person than you were before?

Closing Thought

Embrace the Gifts of Easter:
 1. God is indiscriminate Love and Light. 2. Suffering is not a destination, but a place where you can expand your self.  3. Only Love holds power. Surrender to it. 4. The tomb (the mystery of the in-between) holds the gift of transformation. 5. When you allow the Divine Presence to meet you there, you can safely die to your old self. 6. There is nothing that can keep your Light entombed. 7. Life is eternal! Centered on God, your Light can never perish but only expand, reach out and touch the world.

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