Episode 57 – The Beatitudes: Making Peace

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We talk a lot about wanting peace. But are we makers of Peace? In the Peacemaker, ideas of Peace, Love, and Good prevail in the heart and mind. Thought, word and deed are in harmony. The path of the Peacemaker is not an easy one. It involves forgiveness, loving others, loving oneself, and acceptance of reality. The promise is to be called ‘children of God.’ In this episode we share our experiences on our paths to being/becoming Peacemakers.

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The seventh Beatitude:

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Our usual state of mind:

Stress, conflict, disconnectedness, dissonance and distortion

Our ego selves say/believe one thing and do another

Fight to protect a false identity

Rationalize our inconsistencies

Feel victimized and harbor resentment.

The Peacemaker lives differently:

Ideas of Peace, Love, and Good prevail in the heart and mind

Thought, word and deed are harmonious

How do we become Peacemakers?

Establish a life of prayer (or a closer walk with God.)

Experience the inner ‘Peace that passes understanding’


It’s a process:

•Forgive ourselves – releasing guilt and shame

•Release others from being the perceived cause of our unhappiness or misfortune

•Love ourselves unconditionally

•Love our (difficult) neighbor and enemies

•Let the proverbial sword/knife rest in all our interactions (use words wisely)

•Take full responsibility for our own Peace and well-being •Stop resisting obstacles

•Stop resisting reality

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“As long as there is fear or resentment or any trouble in your heart, that it is to say, as long as you lack serenity, or peace, it is not possible for you to attain very much. Some degree of serenity is essential to the attainment of any true concentration.” Emmet Fox in The Sermon on the Mount

The Promise

Not that they will become children of God…but that they will be called children of God

People will experience you differently

Dialogue Questions

As you look at the list, what is up for you now?

Share how a life of prayer is the first step in becoming a Peacemaker.

Share your process/progress/resistance in becoming a Peacemaker. What practice supports your process?

Have you ever experienced being seen as a child of God? What happened?

How else can we be Peacemakers?

What else does this mean to you?


When I center myself in Spirit, I know who I Am. I am a child of God, image and likeness, perfect and whole. Knowing this Truth, I first make Peace with myself. I release all thoughts of disharmony. I allow ideas of Peace, Love, and Good to prevail in my heart and mind. As a Peacemaker, I choose Kindness, Forgiveness and Non-resistance. I make choices for myself and others that are harmonious and loving in thought, word, and deed. Everything I do in every moment of the day lays a foundation for Peace. Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me.

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