Episode 47 – The Alchemy of Spiritual Understanding

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In light of the recent media buzz about the encounter between the Covington Catholic boys, the Native American drummer and the Black Hebrew Israelites on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., here we enter into dialogue on the transmuting power of Spiritual Understanding. Understanding is our ability to know the Truth that stands underneath what we see and see beyond biases and preconceived ideas. We take a look at our own lives and discover how we can move with ease and grace through triggering moments and uncomfortable situations, and bring a higher vibration to our world.


Here’s how we usually see things. We see what confirms that which we already know or have decided is true. We call this confirmation bias

Spiritual Understanding is our ability to know the Truth that stands underneath what we see. It is seeing the Truth beyond biases and preconceived ideas. It can also be referred to as our inner vision or Light

When we access spiritual understanding we realize the presence of God within us and others . We see spiritual Truth –  God nature – and not our biases or preconceived ideas. We view actions from the ‘soul level’ or a higher level.

Alchemy is a medieval chemical science that aims to achieve the transmutation of base metals into gold – a transformative process from lower to higher. It is like the story when Jesus turned water into wine.

When we allow spiritual Understanding to take root in our being, it can transmute what is before us.

Here is a link to the full video leading up to the event between the Covington Catholic boys and the Native American drummer that was put out on social media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwNyOD8FIQk

Here is an article that transcribes much of what took place between the Black Hebrew Israelites and the Covington Catholic boys before the Native American drummer approached the boys while waiting for their bus: http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/01/andrew-sullivan-the-abyss-of-hate-versus-hate.html?fbclid=IwAR26Uue0f5rgw3cdQYN3c5-K6Qcv2cOYfDQgX28J3vZXGjuAa_KJVojfrbk

When you are triggered by an external event, here are some things to do:


Take a pause – pray

Ask yourself, what do I know is true?

Gather more information if you need to

Place yourself in another’s perspective

Look for Go(o)d in action

The alchemy of spiritual understanding is always at work transforming the lower into the higher, the more common into the more precious.

Dialogue Questions

In conflict or uncomfortable situations, can you see how confirmation bias drives your judgment and how your judgment often precedes Understanding? 

Share about that or a time when you successfully moved from reactivity to Understanding and what happened.

Find something in your life that you are/have been uncomfortable about (personal or national/world stage). Where is your focus? What can you do to see the spiritual Truth instead of what is wrong? Do you resist this?


I release the hold that my biases have on me and open my mind and heart. I relax my propensity to fear, judge or fix. With an open mind I allow the eyes of God to see through mine. I see the Good. I see the Divine. I trust that Spirit is at work and envision life-affirming outcomes. God is in the midst, always,

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