Episode 42 – Choosing Love

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We see and hear a lot about love in novels, pop music and movies. It is often wrought with angst, longing, loss of self, and attachment. This is otherwise known as romantic love, and is a distinct part of Western culture. But Real Love endures. It is unconditional and has no boundaries. Real Love frees. It is something that we do, not something that we feel or elicit. Love is the theme of the third week of Advent.


Real Love: Endures, is unconditional, has no boundaries, frees; it is something that we do, not something that we feel or elicit

“Love is the power within us that affirms and values another human being as he or she is…rather than the ideal we would like him or her to be or the projection that flows from our minds. [It] is the inner god who opens our blind eyes to the beauty, value and quality of the other.” Robert Johnson, Jungian Analyst in his book We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love

God redefined: God as Love is the activity in us that sees beauty, value and quality in the one who is before us, just as they are, without our human projections

Link to story of Bob Comis on Universal Love: https://responsibleeatingandliving.com/favorites/bob-comis-the-last-pig/

Link to story of the unlikely friendship between Charles Barkley and Lin Wang: https://www.wbur.org/onlyagame/2018/12/14/lin-wang-charles-barkley

Dialogue Questions

How are you/can you be Love in the world?

In what ways can you allow the power of Love in you to extend beyond the boundaries you have set for it? (Dig deep. We ALL have boundaries. If you can’t see them yourself, ask someone to help you spot them.)

Throughout your life, how have you grown in your understanding of Love?

What is your biggest personal block to loving yourself unconditionally?

How is this relevant to the Christmas story or season?

Closing Thought

Love is not of the ego. Rather It is patient, kind, doesn’t envy, isn’t proud. It doesn’t dishonor, isn’t self-seeking, easily angered or a keeper of records. Instead it always protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres. It transcends all boundaries placed upon it by the ego. Love never fails.

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