Episode 100 – Letting Go

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To grow as a human being, we must repeatedly let go of what burdens us. Letting go, or Release, is a Divine power and a conscious action we take. Healthy functioning bodies undergo continual processes of taking in and letting go. Our minds and hearts are no different. There are lots of opportunities for us to let go. We can let go of thoughts, behaviors, relationships, and things – anything that no longer serves us. In this episode we share what we are letting go of today and the processes we use to release and become freer and more authentic beings.


Letting God is one of the 12 Powers of Man as laid out by Unity co-founder, Charles Fillmore

It is also referred to as Release and Renunciation

Happiness is transient and depends on outer circumstances

To grow as a human being we must repeatedly let go of what burdens us or no longer serves us

The body demonstrates Release. Every day our body takes in air, water and food for its use, and then expels what it does not need.

There is a lot of stuff we can let go of. Here are a few ideas:


•The past

•Perceived wrongs (unforgiveness)

•False beliefs

•Negative thinking


•Our hold on politics

•Our need to be right



•Our need to control outcomes

•Perceived personal needs

•Attachment to cancelled plans



•Routines, ruts, schedules

•Lifestyle choices – what you eat, drink, wear, TV, etc.

•Addictions (substances, screens, foods, etc.)

•Social media engagement

Relationships/ Roles:

Jobs The people we spend time with

The people we are committed to

The places we spend time

The people we spend time with

The people we are committed to

The places we spend time

Here are just a few things you may worry about:

The economy
The future of our society
The future of our natural world
Supply chains
Your future
Your retirement
The safety of your family
The future of your family
Your health, wealth, or freedom
The upcoming election

Letting go is freeing. It can restore us to our authentic nature and/or make room for the new – new ideas, new thoughts, new creativity, new lives.

Sometimes it’s about realizing that the burdens we carry are too much.

In the quiet of the depth of our being, we can hand these off.

Dialogue and Inquiry

•What do you need to release now?

•What have you recently released? Was is by default (i.e. something was taken from you) or a conscious decision (i.e. an exercise of power)?

•What did you replace it with?

•How did the process of release go for you? Has it been easy or difficult?

•What process do you use to release your burdens?

•What happens within you when you let go?

•Do you experience Release as a Divine power?

Closing Thought

When I let go of burdens of struggle, resentment, or worry, I open my heart and mind to receive the inexhaustible inflow of good. I let go and let God in order to lighten my load and make my path easier to travel. I release anything and everything that no longer serves me. I am filled with Light, Wholeness, and a sense of well-being.

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