Episode 95 – Moving Through Crisis as Divine Beings

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The spiritual path is the path from personal consciousness to Christ/I am consciousness. During times such as these, we have the opportunity to grow in consciousness and live more closely as the Divine beings we were created to be. We should be in inquiry about everything! What do we really need? What is really important? What are we learning? What do we need to change? Are we actively bettering ourselves? How can we make this time profoundly meaningful? Rev. Carol emphasizes that we all chose to be here, in this incarnation, on this planet, at this time in order to usher in something new. In this episode, we have an open dialogue on what we are personally experiencing and seeing.



 important things to remember:

  • God/Spirit/Source does not create crises for us to learn stuff
  • God/Spirit/Source only wants Good for us
  • God is our Source, nothing else is
  • Fear and Love cannot occupy the same space; fear contracts, Love expands
  • We can choose Life/Love/Hope/Good in every moment
  • Within us is all that God is; we are powerful, creative beings with the ability to manifest solutions that support all Life

Two Realities

1.  Personal/Ego

  I am
a victim

  I pray for personal needs

  Control, defend, resist, attack

  Life of Fear

  The ego

2. Spiritual/Christ/I Am

  I am
the Truth

  I pray to know God            

  There is nothing to defend

  Life of Love

The Christ

Dialogue and Inquiry

What is on your heart and mind?
How are you growing spiritually?
How are you taking care of your mind and body?
What is your guidance telling you?
What Good are you seeing? 
What are you learning about yourself? 
What possibilities do you envision for yourself?

Closing Thought

I am inside God, and God is inside me. My whole life and everything in it take place within the Infinite. The Power and Presence of the Divine is in every breath I take. I am equipped to move through any difficulty and am never alone. Within my heart is the Divine Presence, calling forth Strength that moves through me with every heartbeat. I am inside God and God is inside me.

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