Episode 80 – The Masks We Wear

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Early in our lives most of us learned to wear any number of ‘masks’ for the purpose of gaining/rejecting love/attention from others or to protect ourselves. We then became so used to wearing them that over time, they seemed to become us. Yet when we look honestly, we find they aren’t us.They are tools of our conscious and unconscious minds and when we decide to remove them, we reveal more of our True Nature (aka Higher Self, God Self, Inner Christ, Authentic Self, etc.). On the spiritual path, we continually awaken to how our ego is structured to keep us from awakening to our Divine Self. In this episode we share about the masks we have worn and our process of taking them off

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The Masks We Wear

Facilitate our roles

Prop up our personas

Not talking about what we do to hide our feelings

Early in our lives we learned to wear these masks for the purpose of gaining love or attention from others – also to protect ourselves

Over time they now seem to become us

But they really aren’t us

They don’t really serve us

They are tools of our conscious and unconscious minds and when we decide to remove them 

Remember the three-fold nature of our minds:

The spiritual path is all about awakening, remembering, discovering who we really are

Mark 8:34-35 metaphysically interpreted

“Deny that your ego has power… take up the spiritual path and follow the inner Light. Those who want to really live will release the hold of the personality, and those who release that hold, will live freely, fully and authentically.”

Identifying and shedding our layers is also synergistic with the theme of autumn, when the trees release their leaves to prepare for a new phase of life

Some of the masks we wear are:



Responsible one

Irresponsible one

Helpless one (victim)

Strong one

Special one

Compliant one



Invisible one

Good one


Defenseless child


Nice person

Not good enough

Over controller


I can’t/need help

Always right



Brave person

Dialogue and Inquiry

What mask(s) do you wear (or have you worn) and why? How does/has it serve(d) you and how has it affected your life?

Can you discern the mask from your True Self?

What would happen if you just stopped wearing it?

Who do you want to be? Where is your authentic power?

Closing Thought

Throughout my life I may have put on masks in order to win the love or attention of others. I recognize that I no longer need to do that, for God in me is enough. Spirit leads me to look at areas where my roles may not reflect my Highest Self. When I identify who I am not, and peel back those layers to reveal my truest self, a great wind of freedom blows. I am devoted to becoming who I truly am – image and likeness of God Itself.

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