Episode 59 – Healing Yourself

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Do you believe you can take spiritual control of your body? Do you believe that there is no incurable disease? Do you believe that with God all things are possible? Most of us accept that illness is a natural part of being alive and that we inherit conditions of health or disease from our families. But when we take a threefold approach that includes spirit, mind and body, we can manifest healing. We start with knowing that perfect health is our birthright. In this episode we share our range of beliefs and experiences on spiritual healing and get inspired to take new steps in our lives.


We all have beliefs we have inherited about illness and healing. Specifically:

Illness is a natural part of being alive

We inherit disease/health from our family

Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of Unity and author of How to Let God Help You and Healing Letters -from childhood believed she inherited tuberculosis from parents and was born to be ill, suffer and die a premature death

From a speech by Dr. E. B. Weeks: “I am a child of God and therefore do not inherit sickness.”

Nearly two years of focused prayer which included raising and seeking forgiveness from all the organs and systems in her body

“Prayer is an exercise to change our thought habits and our living habits, that we may set up a new and better activity, in accord with the divine law rather than with suggestions we have received from various sources.” Myrtle Fillmore

Myrtle Fillmore on understanding the body: “We need more often to think of our body as being the temple of divine love, the very substance of health and harmony in order that this truth may be implanted in the subconscious mind, which controls the body functioning.”

Three-fold Law of Healing

Spiritual – grounded in Faith, free from anxiety, worry, fear and lack; keep soul fed, know Source

Mental – free mind of untrue thoughts, inherited beliefs from collective consciousness and also the opinions and demands of others: use intelligence to do what promotes health

Physical – recognize body as temple of God; be considerate and understand the its requirements and meet them

Myrtle Fillmore on the Spiritual: “Sometimes we pray to a God outside of ourselves. It is the God in the midst of us that frees and heals. … You need to think of God, the all-powerful Healer, as being already within you, in every part of your mind, heart, and body.”

Myrtle Fillmore on the mental: “Any thought that is not based on the eternal reality, Truth, has no existence. If we believe in disease we are believing in something that has no substance or reality. When we dissolve the belief out of our minds and in its place establish the realization of the one presence and power of good, and exercise our faith in health as the one presence and power within us, we shall feel the conviction that we are the expression of the health that God is.”

Myrtle Fillmore on the physical: Whatever the cause of the appearance of negation, turning the attention Godward, with willingness to look into all phases of daily living and to make such adjustments as are wise and loving toward the body, will quickly relieve all strain and congestion and allow the free flow of life to renew nerves and structures. The body responds to changes of mind; and when this is accompanied by truly wise living habits, the conformity to true ideas of life and power and love and substance and intelligence will renew it and make it every whit whole.”

To learn more about the story of Myrtle Fillmore and her healing:


Healing isn’t just about the body. We can also heal our relationships, our fear of death, our inner child – all require a shift in consciousness

NOTE: During our dialogue I mention Rich Roll as a person who transcended aging through lifestyle changes. To learn more, check out his website:

Dialogue Questions

What is your reaction to the statement, “I am a child of God and therefore do not inherit sickness”?

Do you believe that Wholeness is your birthright? What would it mean for you if you took this on completely? What are your blocks?

If you have experienced healing through focused attention to spirit-mind-body please tell us about it.

What steps can you take to better align your spirit, mind and body with Divine Spirit, Mind and Body? 

What is your honest belief about all this?

Closing Thought

I am a product of Divine Life, and I connect with this spiritual essence through prayer and meditation. In moments of quiet reflection, I turn within to this inner wellspring of healing and feel the energizing flow of God’s perfect Life in and through my body. This Life is continually flowing, bringing health and healing to every part of my being. My heart beats with the rhythm and harmony of God; my cells vibrate with the energy of Life.

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