Episode 54 – The Beatitudes: Unfettered, Consuming Passion

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In this episode we delve into the fourth Beatitude, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.” Righteousness is more than a morally virtuous life. It is the Presence Itself that we can choose to express as right living, right thinking and right being. We must first have a yearning for God’s presence before we can expect it to manifest in our lives, and when we do. we are filled in multiple ways. There is a lot of deep spiritual work shared in this one.u

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The fourth Beatitude:

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Righteous is usually considered being morally right, virtuous or good.

Here we consider righteousness as

The Presence Itself

Right living

Right thinking

Right being

“Righteousness means, in the Bible, nor merely right conduct, but right thinking on all subjects, in every department of life. As we study the Sermon on the Mount, we shall find every clause in it reiterating the great truth that outside things are but the expression…of our inner thoughts and beliefs; that we have dominion or power over our thoughts to think as we will and thus, indirectly, we make or mar our lives by the way in which we do think.” Emmet Fox in The Sermon on the Mount

Hunger and thirst:

We must have a yearning for God’s Presence before we can expect it to manifest in our lives.

When we hunger and thirst we have a deep desire/yearning to:

Know God

Raise our consciousness

Have mastery over our thoughts

Unequivocally root out unforgiveness, impatience, willfulness meanness or self-centeredness

Be passionately devoted to deepening our connection to Spirit/Source and to turn within for satisfaction

The promise is, “They shall be filled.”

Filled with what?

Experience of the Presence









We recognize there there is a paradox here.

On one hand, God is here now; all we need is here now. There is no need to pursue or seek.

On the other, those who have a consuming passion to pursue right thinking/living/being (God-centered) will be filled.

Dialogue Questions

Share how hunger and thirst have shown up for you in your physical life and on your spiritual journey.

How have you experienced the pursuit of righteousness (as it is laid out here) in your life?

What is up for you now regarding right thinking? What thoughts do you want to commit to thinking ‘rightly’ (in alignment with Truth)?

What is up for you now regarding right relationship?

What is your experience of being filled?

What else does this mean to you?


My heart yearns for the inflow of the Divine into my life. My deep desire is for a fuller understanding of Life and Truth, so that each day I may release the old and take on the new. There is an urge within me toward higher standards of thought, action and being. I heed this quiet urge, knowing that it is the hand of God leading me toward the high place of spiritual mastery. Every blessing needed to make my life complete is assured. I am filled.

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