Episode 40 – Practicing Hope

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Hope exhorts courage and is underneath any forward movement toward our life goals. It is also something we can give to and receive from others. What is your current hope for yourself and the world? How can we use Hope powerfully in our lives? These are questions we explore in this episode.


Faith originates in Understanding, concentrates on Truth, is present, an inner gift of Spirit

Hope originates in Will, concentrates on possibility, is future oriented, a gift you can give to or receive from others

“If we can find ways to increase
hope, maybe we can decrease defensive aggression.”
 Nir Halevy, Organizational behavior professor, Stanford

Dialogue Questions

What is your current Hope for yourself
and the world?

How do you see Hope and Faith showing up in the Christmas story and how does that relate to your life today?

Where/how can you be Hope in the world?

How can we use Hope powerfully in our lives?


I hold in my heart Hope for the awakening of all people to the Power and Presence of Spirit within as Love, Life, Wisdom and Understanding. I center my Hope in my vision of Peace, Freedom, Wholeness and Abundance for all beings.

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