Episode 30 – Ten Spiritual Truths: Honor Life – Don’t Negate It!

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Murder is defined as “killing unlawfully and with premeditated malice.” It is the ultimate squelching of life. At face value, this directive seems like a pretty easy thing for most of us to comply with. But let’s consider this from an ‘outside the box’ perspective.


Ten Commandments: boundaries for a fulfilling life, challenges for a spiritual life

All major religions have some form of ‘rules for life’

Exodus 20: “Then God spoke all these words: 

1. ‘I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery; you shall have no other gods before me.’

2. “You shall not make for yourself an idol, of any form.”

3. “Do not misuse the name of God.”

4. “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.”

5. “Honor your father and mother.”

6. “You shall not kill.”

Murder = To kill unlawfully and with premeditated malice

Beyond the literal, killing is negating the life of others, needing to be right or win at all costs, humiliation, hate, withholding, squashing ideas/talents/work, silencing, spreading rumors, bullying, cutting off, exploiting, destroying confidence or reputation, heartless competition…

Where else do we negate life? We are disconnected from the rest of Creation – animals and the environment

To learn more about our use of palm oil: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/palm-oil-impacts_us_55a4c391e4b0b8145f737dd5


Unity Co-founder, Charles Fillmore: “Animals have souls they are developing and they create a certain thought atmosphere. Let them alone. ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ The bible does not say: ‘Thou shalt not kill man.’ But ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ We would remember that all life is sacred, it belongs to the one great Life and we have no right to destroy the animals because we lust after meat.”  From “Dominion Over Appetite,” May 3, 1925

Dialogue Questions:

What are the ways you can show honor and respect to another? Think beyond the usual.

What does this Spiritual Truth mean to you? Can you find ways that you negate life, yours or another’s? How can you make use of this awareness going forward?

What tools do you use when you find yourself engaged in life-squelching behavior and want to make a shift for Life?

Are you willing to take on the practice of doing the least harm in your life in every way? How would this look and how does this challenge you?

What else does this mean?


When I am awake, I experience the fullness of Life. I hear and sense the sacred reminders that divine life and energy are a part of all that I am and experience. I hear it in the voices of family and friends, the animals that live among us, and the bustling sounds of the city. I sense it as a rush of confidence and courage when I attune to the spirit of life. Spirit is everywhere and the essence of everything and I commit myself to honoring Life in every way possible.

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