Episode 126 – The Guiding Light

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Dialogue and Inquiry

How does this form of light show up in your life? Can you distinguish the “long journey” guidance from the “flash of light” guidance?

Have you ever wondered which way turn, or have you needed a course correction and found a North star (inner or outer) to guide you?

Share a story of a personal journey where you were guided by Divine Light. What was it like? How did the ‘North star’ appear for you? How did you heed it?

Share a story about how the ‘flash of light’ form of guidance impacted your life. How did it appear? Did you choose to act on it or brush it aside?

What do you do to heighten your ability to discern and accept the guiding Light of Spirit?

Closing Thought

The guiding Light of Spirit supports my life in every way. There are times when I find myself wondering which way to turn and my internal compass nudges me in the right and perfect direction. There are other times when a blast of insight lands in my awareness and startles me into action. Though I may be afraid at first, I wisely choose the direction of my highest good. I rest assured knowing that I never walk my path alone! I am grateful for the guiding Light of Spirit.
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