Episode 127 – Light Up the Darkness

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Dialogue and Inquiry

Share something you have you been willing to see that you did not see before. How did you transform ignorance to understanding? Who did you become as a result?

What Illumination is next for you?

What new perspective have you recently tried on, or have you tried on in the past?

Are you willing to consider that reality is not what you think it is?

Are you willing to see the hidden elements of our world that are not pleasant to know? What feelings come up for you about this? Can you see that awareness itself brings Illumination?

What is hidden that you would like to see revealed?

Closing Thought

I am willing to be a part of the great revealing of Truth. I am open to seeing the Truth within me and under all that is, even if it exposes lies that appear to comfort me. The Light of Spirit will illuminate everything that is hidden. And we will live in the freedom of Truth.
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