Episode 125 – Follow Your Dream

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The first question to ask yourself is, “What is my dream?  What treasure am I pursuing?” 
Home/Leaving Home
Knowing in your heart that there is something more
Paying attention to dreams
Consulting guides
Hearing and refusing the call of Spirit of Personal Legend (dream)
Fearing the journey
Letting go 

Tangier and the Crystal Shop
Growing in prosperity
Seeing the impact of not pursuing your dream (i.e. the shopkeeper never pursued his)

The Caravan
Learning and discerning

The Oasis
Finding your mentor or source of inspiration 
Finding Love
Gaining respect
Achieving happiness, peace and satisfaction

The Desert
Entering the unknown
Losing everything (again)
Learning to listen to the heart
Facing enormous fear
Alchemizing the self
Gaining wealth again

The Pyramids
Learning that the destination you sought wasn’t it

Returning home as a changed being

Dialogue and Inquiry

  • Are you going in the direction you want?
  • Do you know what your Personal Legend/purpose/dream is? Have you said yes or no to it?
  • Do you have guides on your journey?
  • Do your dreams inform you?
  • When looking at the places above (home, crystal shop, caravan, oasis, desert, pyramids, home) where do you find yourself?
  • If you have completed a journey such as this, please share your experience of it

Closing Thought

Today I take time to look at my life. Am I going in the direction I want? Am I fulfilling the dreams I have for myself? If not, what can I do to change my course? It is not enough for me simply to hope a dream will come true—I must take action. I turn to my spiritual source in prayer and meditation. In the Silence, I give my desires to God and listen with an open heart and mind to the inspiration that comes to me. I remember that Divine guidance comes in all forms and often from unexpected places. These “signs and wonders” might confuse me, but I trust I am on my perfect path. I follow my guidance as I move in the direction of my dreams.
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