Episode 120 – One Woman’s Journey in Ten Years of Ministry

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  1. Endings Come Before Beginnings – When you are knocking on a closed door, turn around.

This is the telling of my own story of 10 years of ministry. It is not the story of the ministry. Everyone has their own story (i.e. movie). In this episode I share the themes I have discerned upon reflection (“words of wisdom”). It is my hope that you find yourself in the story. Here are the 10 themes:

2. Free Will – When you say yes to the call of Spirit, you can still change your mind.

3. Create! You don’t have to know how to do anything before you do it – Spirit will be there!

4. Vision – Don’t confuse your vision with what you are manifesting – the purpose of vision is to drive/move/inspire you forward.

5. People – Let people come into your life for whatever reasons they have – be unattached from their purpose.

6. Be grateful – Take inventory and be grateful for love & support.

7. Boundaries – Learn to be loving (i.e. firm) with your own boundaries.

8. Stay open to change – When it starts to feel not right, be open to changing direction.

9. Know who you are – Before moving forward, stop and discern who you are at your core.

10. It’s a journey – Move confidently into the unknown. Take the leap of Faith. The journey takes you to where your soul desires.

Dialogue and Inquiry

Did any aspect of the story of my 10-year journey inspire or provoke you in some way? Share how and why.

How has your life changed from being a part of this ministry? What is your journey?

Do you reflect on your own milestones? If so, what have you discerned? What are your most meaningful reflections?

How has your commitment to something or someone for 10 years (or other significant period of time) affected who you are?

Closing Thought

Life is an eternally unfolding process of change, growth, and progress. I celebrate significant milestones in my life, by pausing and reflecting on who I am from having walked my path. I acknowledge my growth and how I have impacted those around me. I go inside and discern what I want to keep and what I want to release. As I move forward, I remember that Spirit is ever revealing new ways and new paths to me. I welcome every step, for I know that good is continually unfolding. All steps in my life are perfectly timed and under Divine direction.

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