Episode 119 – Who You Gonna Call?

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Trust is believing in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone/something

Society thrives with trust

It can be an anchor during uncertain and challenging times

Faith is a noun –  something we have or something we place

“I have faith in God“

“I place my faith in…”

Trust is a verb

“I trust my partner,” “I trust my business associate,” “I trust my intuition.”

Faith is unearned – not based on demonstration, but rooted in hope and an inner knowing

Trust is earned

We trust people and organizations that have demonstrated to us that they are worthy of our trust

They are reliable, consistent. walk their talk and we can count on them

Faith has more of a future focus – what we know to be possible or true, but has not yet come into being

Trust has a present focus – what we take action on now

Faith is a divine power in itself

Trust is an outcome of the divine power of Discernment

We judge someone or something to be deserving of our trust

We can have faith in the tightrope walker

We believe he will make it across the vast canyon

But will we let him carry us across the same canyon?

We can have faith that our bank account is growing or will grow

But we trust there are sufficient funds when we make a withdrawal

We can have faith that seeds will grow from the soil

But we trust the soil, (and reliable methods) that has produced a successful crop in past years

We can have faith in God

But we trust God when we let go of our personal will, exercise patience, and act on divine guidance and inspiration 

We trust Spirit when we let her carry us on her back…on a tightrope…over a deep canyon

Let go of our need to direct, oversee and control

Let go of our timetable

Exercise patience with the process

Surrender to the inner I Am

Many of us look only to experts and the opinions/directions of others

We would benefit by building up our trust in inner resources and spiritual gifts

Trusting the still, small voice

It is dependable, consistent and undivided, but may not always seem so

From ego or Spirit?

It takes practice

Ability to distinguish our feelings (which are ever changing) from our intuition

Requires objectivity to ensure we aren’t just validating the beliefs we already hold

A delicate balancing act between our (God given) intellect and our (God given) intuition


A regular meditation practice

Learn to be in tune with your body 

Dialogue and Inquiry

In whom or what do you trust? Why? Do you have the same level of trust in God-in-you? How can you tell?

How does someone or something earn or lose your trust?

Have you earned the trust of others? If so, how?

How do you experience the difference between having faith in God (the Divine) and trusting God (the Divine)?

When something takes a long time to manifest, does that try your patience? Are you really trusting then?

Share a story about trusting Spirit completely. 

What do you need to release or build up in order to trust yourself, another or God completely?

Why is this important?

Closing Thought

I trust in Spirit with all my heart. I trust that I can call upon my inner resources, knowing that each action that is mine to do will be revealed in the right time and way. No matter where I am or what I need to do, I trust God within for good judgment, strength, and confidence. I trust the still, small voice within, and follow my guidance. I trust Spirit with all my heart. 

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