Episode 109 – Prayer Power

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Prayer is an act of love. It is also a creative and connecting activity. In prayer, we unite with the Divine. There are many ways to pray – supplication, thanksgiving, and affirmative, to name just a few. Affirmative prayer is noticeably different from other forms of prayer because it comes from a completely different place. It is prayer from a conscious awareness of God, versus prayer to God. In this episode, Rev. Carol presents a step-by-step affirmative prayer process and we share our experiences with holding intentions for ourselves through personal prayer.



Prayer is an act of love, a creative and connecting activity. Uniting with the Divine.

“When we awaken even a very slight consciousness of this co-operative spirit, we become co-creators with God, and we find we can adjust any condition that comes into our life.” Charles Fillmore

“Through prayer we gain the intimate relationship with God.”

There are many forms of prayer:





Do what works for you!

Affirmative prayer is not praying to God, but praying from a conscious awareness of God

With affirmative prayer we synchronize the Self With God

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But sometimes we are

Overwhelmed by a problem

We aren’t peaceful

We don’t feel connected

We are upset or afraid

Here is a method for affirmative prayer:

1. Look at your challenge, how do you feel?

Name the feeling

Put your challenge into “I feel” statements 

(i.e. “I feel afraid” “I feel overwhelmed” “I feel angry”)

Note: you may have to go a layer down: Why do you feel as you do?

2. Ask yourself, “How should I feel?

Or “How do I want to feel?”

Or “What Divine quality do I want to exude?” (love, wisdom, order, clarity, faith, understanding, etc.)


“I should feel protected” “I should ease” “I should feel at peace”)

3. Establish yourself in the experience of dominion

Translate your ‘should’ into an “I Am” “I have” or “I know” statement of Truth


“I am protected”

“I know ease and grace”

“I am at peace”

“I am love”

4. Move away from the problem!

If you can’t then it is best to find another who will pray with/for you

5. Let go of your normal state of awareness and enter into a deeper place, aka, the ‘inner chamber,’ the ‘silence’

Turn your attention to the Truth:

There is only one Presence and Power and I am not separate from It:

I am God’s beloved
I am Love.
I am Courage.
I am Strength.
I am….
I have…
I know…

6. Release your prayer to Spirit

“Amen” in Aramaic translates as “It is so” or “These words hold power”

7. Align your actions with your words

Don’t finish your prayer and engage in your complaint again!  

This is a spiritual muscle that needs constant attention You are in control of your life!

Dialogue and Inquiry

What is your definition of prayer?
What is your relationship with prayer? How and when do you pray? 
What works for you?
What is your experience of personal affirmative prayer? What is your experience of personal answered or unanswered prayer?

Closing Thought

I am Light.
I am Love.
I am Power.
I am Presence.
Wherever I am, God is.
I am at peace.

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