Episode 108 – One Nation, Under God, Indivisible

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There are deep divisions occurring between us that manifest in multiple ways. The media feeds on fear and division and keeps us stirred up. This is the time to be in spiritual practice and do deep integrative spiritual work. In this episode, we discuss the ideal of “One Nation, Under God (divine guidance/protection), Indivisible,” and ultimately “One Self, Under God, Indivisible.” Our work is to do what we can: avoid ‘us versus them’ thinking/conversations, act in alignment with our inner Truth, heal trauma, and integrate our hidden shadow – the parts of us we keep hidden from ourselves and others. When we do this important work, we will be able to hold differing subjective realities and refrain from hurtful projection. Ultimately this leads us to deeper, authentic connection.



The spiritual Truth is we are all free. No one can change the spiritual reality that God is in us. We are powerful beyond our wildest imagination. We are Divine Love and Light.

Division today:

“Us” versus “them”

Intolerance of differing subjective realities


Propaganda stirring us up

Media feeds on fear and division

We are more connected than it looks!

1892 Pledge of Allegiance Francis Bellamy

I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Under God added in 1954

One Nation, Under God – “Under God” means:

Under Divine Law

Under Divine Protection

Under Divine Guidance

There is no problem (personal, national or global) bigger than God (aka the Divine, Spirit, Great Mystery, Source, you name it!)

Only Love is real

Indivisible: Not divisible; not separable into parts; incapable of being divided

Indivisible is NOT:

We are all the same

Group think/alignment

We are one and you  are not


One nation, under God, indivisible

One people, under God, indivisible

One family, under God, indivisible

One self, under God, indivisible

Inner division includes

•Acting out of alignment with beliefs

•Saying one thing and doing another

•Holding untrue thoughts about self

•Submitting to ‘group think’ or approval versus own inner wisdom

•Having healed trauma

•Projecting hidden aspects of the self (shadow) onto others

Shadow Work:

Observe triggers and defenses

Deeper work through •Jungian analysis •The Work of Byron Katie •Deep Enneagram

How can we manifest Indivisibility in the face of division?

Affirm Truth regularly!

Daily prayer/meditation

Avoid ‘us versus them’ thinking and conversations

Heal our own divisions (so we can be free & whole, and able to hold differing subjective realities)

Dialogue and Inquiry

What does “one nation, under God, indivisible” mean to you?

How do you do “us” versus “them” in your life? Who is the ‘them” and why are they there?

What divisions are you aware of in your own self? (i.e. act out of alignment with beliefs, say one thing and do another, hold untrue thoughts about self, submit to ‘group think’ versus own inner wisdom, unhealed trauma, projection) What is a specific example?

Share if you have done deep integrative work and what resulted for you. What do you recommend?

Closing Thought

There is but One Mind. It is indivisible. It is the only authentic power in the Universe. Divine Mind is the presence in which I live, move, and have my being. In reality, I am never apart from God. Spirit is the very substance of my life; the intelligence infusing my every act. I align my mind with Divine Mind and bask in the realization that the seeming two are inextricably one—one love, one joy, one mind, one life.

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