Episode 101 – Nourish Body, Mind and Spirit

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We are body, mind and spirit. Our body is a holy container. Our mind is the center of our sovereignty in the physical world. Our Spirit is the center of Self, our authentic nature. To be fully alive and true to our nature, we need to be deeply connected with our body, mind and spirit. We need to provide life-giving nourishment to each. What we are more apt to do however, is take good care of one aspect of ourselves and neglect the others. In this episode we share the ways we nourish our body, mind and spirit, and where we see ourselves as being out of balance. Restoring balance is key to spiritual living and is another way we ‘seek first the Kingdom.’

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Are you taking good care of yourself?

To nourish is to sustain and promote growth

Body – Mind – Spirit

Body – holy container

Do you not know your body is a holy container of the Holy Spirit, who is in you?” 1 Corinthians 6:19

Mind – center of sovereignty in  physical world

Spirit – center of Self, authentic nature

To be fully alive and true to our nature in this physical plane, we need to be deeply connected with our body, mind and spirit and provide life-giving nourishment to each

Times of crisis can reveal what needs our attention

Imbalanced bodies can be more susceptible to disease

Imbalanced minds can be more susceptible to despair

Imbalanced spirits can experience no ground of Being

You can nourish your body:

•Nutrition •Fresh air •Hydration •Movement •Exercise •Massage •Energy work •Sleep

You can nourish you mind:

•Learn •Reason •Question/Ponder •Discern •Focus •Release •Imagine •Conceptualize

You can nourish your spirit:

•Prayer •Meditation •Community •Journaling •Living on purpose •Nature •Music/Art •Forgiveness

Dialogue and Inquiry

How are you nourishing your body? Mind? Spirit?

When you look at your body, mind and spirit, where is there an imbalance?

What one action can you take today (or tomorrow) to nourish yourself? Does it address the imbalance?

What would mental and physical wellness look like to you?

Can you see that this is spiritual work, i.e. “seeking first the Kingdom?”

Closing Thought

I am a divine being, here to be fully and authentically alive. My body is a temple and I actively nourish it through mindful eating, physical exercise and rest. My mind is the center of sovereignty and I nourish it through learning, imagining and careful discernment. My spirit is the ground of my Being and I nourish it through stillness, connection and living purposefully. I commit to total aliveness today.

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