Rev. Carol Saunders

For those who are curious, here is a brief synopsis of who I am. Like many life roads, mine has been one of interesting turns, ultimately bringing me to today.

My educational background is in engineering. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and worked for 20 years in the energy business in Houston, Texas. I always admired the perfection of mathematics and the discovery of science, but the engineering field didn’t entirely suit me. As a young adult I found myself exploring all sorts of interesting endeavors on my own and eventually awakened to the Unity movement in 1997.

I am a Licensed Unity teacher, an ordained Interfaith minister and ordained Unity minister. After founding and leading a church for seven years, Spirit guided me to create something completely new. Together with those who were journeying with me, we boldly threw out the church model and focused on creating an alternative to church that included the message, the world and God in the midst. Over the course of 18 months, I regularly listened for guidance as we tried new ideas and honed what eventually became The Spiritual Forum. I love everything about The Spiritual Forum. It is interactive and we do real spiritual deepening. People make profound connections here because when we listen to real people talking honestly about life and how they are living (or trying to live) it spiritually, we connect with their humanity. I also love the idea that we bring our authentic dialogue on spiritual topics to the world via podcast. There’s so much noise out there and we demonstrate another way of being.

On the personal side, I have been married to my husband, Greg Harbaugh, since 1981 and together we have three adult daughters – Kelly, Dana and Madeline. Greg is a former NASA shuttle astronaut which has provided our family so many interesting life experiences. He has also supported me fully in every one of my life endeavors, from getting my pilot’s license to bringing home puppies and stray cats/kittens to starting new ministries. Now that all our daughters are grown and Greg is retired, we love to travel and enjoy our home and property in rural Wisconsin. I also have a blog site – – to awaken the spiritually minded to include ALL sentient beings in our circle of Compassion.

As a minister and co-creator with Spirit, I have experienced the joy of authentic creativity and the honor of making a profound difference in people’s lives. I have learned to love and forgive myself, to trust Spirit, and to look for the Good always as I venture toward the complete unfoldment of my humanity and divinity, and lay the path for others. That’s what we do here. We provide a safe place to deepen ourselves spiritually and expand ourselves personally. I am grateful to be traveling with you on this amazing journey.

Peace for ALL beings,

Rev. Carol

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