What is The Spiritual Forum?

The Spiritual Forum is a platform for spiritual deepening. We gather for topic-centered dialogue with the intention of learning how to live spiritually in every aspect of our lives. Some people share, most listen. We all learn and grow. We also bring an empowering conversation to the world through our podcast.


We are currently meeting online in light of recent COVID-19 recommendations. Our meeting link will be shown each week on the home page, under the slide rotation. Everyone is invited to join us. If you want to share during our dialogue, we ask that you sign a podcast release form so we can use your voice on the recorded episode. The form can be found here. Please sign it and email to revcarol.unity@gmail.com. Our community is growing as people from around the globe can now all join in.

Here’s what you can expect:

We start with a 10-minute guided meditation.

This allows you to relax, let go of all the stuff that is on your mind when you come in the door, and give some space for your heart to open.

After meditation, Rev. Carol opens and leads The Spiritual Forum.

She introduces a relevant topic and provides a short introductory message. We then begin our dialogue. There are ground rules for our time in dialogue to ensure everyone has a positive experience. As an example, we are asked to share from personal experience, not what we think or know about people, the world or history. Our political views are left at the door. We keep our focus inward, willing to look at how we can grow our consciousness, not change others. This is the portion of our gathering that is recorded as a podcast.

If you choose to share, Rev. Carol may provide observations or clarifying questions. She may draw upon her inner wisdom and ask you to dig deeper or consider another idea. She may guide you to keep your focus spiritual or remind you of your Truth. She may also just listen. That’s what we ask everyone to do – listen with an open heart.

Before our first podcast episode went live in January 2018, we spent 17 months working on a format that would allow everyone to feel heard and safe, and also provide good content for our podcast listeners. That’s what we have today.

We all share a common humanity.

What we find is that Spirit speaks through a variety of sources (not just the minister) and we are touched by the common humanity that we share. We walk away from The Spiritual Forum inspired by each other and with concrete ideas that we can apply in our own lives.


After The Spiritual Forum is closed, there is an opportunity to give in recognition of receiving and you can connect with others over coffee if you want.

It doesn’t matter what your past is, what your political or religious beliefs are, or what your current life situation is, everyone is invited and included. Come and experience it for yourself.

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