One Presence, One Power


There is one Presence and one Power, which is Infinite Intelligence, Love and Wisdom, and the animating force under all of Creation, both visible and invisible. We call it by many names including God, Spirit or Source Energy. There is no other enduring power.

We Are ALL One


We are all made of the same energy and there is nothing that separates us from God or from each other. It is only our perception of separation that keeps us separate. This calls us to ‘love one another’ and to know that as we each grow in our awareness and understanding, we impact the whole. It also calls us to widen our circle of Compassion to include more and more.

We Create Our Life Experience


We are endowed with spiritual gifts and here to express our Divine potential. Our life experience is a direct result of how we use these gifts as well as the thoughts and beliefs that we choose to hold. We are responsible for who we are in the face of what happens.

We Start With Ourselves


The outer world is a reflection of our own consciousness. When we see something that we want to change in another, we start by finding that quality in ourselves and transforming it there. That’s all we really have control over anyway.

The Spiritual Path


The spiritual path is about moving from our identification with the personal (ego) to the Divine Self. This is the evolution from suffering (separation and projection) to empowerment (overcoming/manifesting) to being (Oneness). We move along this path through spiritual practice. This includes the inner practices of meditation and prayer, and the outer practices of living our spiritual understanding, values and beliefs in our everyday lives (Generosity, Forgiveness, Circulation, Gratitude, Compassion, Peace, Love, etc.).

Texts and Teachers

Rev. Carol references the Bible in addition to other texts and teachers. She invites us to look at the Bible allegorically, in historical and cultural context, and as a story about the evolution of our own spiritual lives. Additionally, her understanding of Jesus is that he is the man who fully lived all of the tenets stated above. He is not the exception but the great example of what living as our full God potential looks like. His call to people, “Follow me,” is a call for us to be on the path to our full potential as human and spiritual beings.

You are free to hold your own beliefs about anything here. Our community is comprised of people from many faith traditions.

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