Episode 97 – Your Palm Sunday Story

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Stories are powerful teaching tools. When you find yourself in one, you can gain a new and meaningful perspective on your life. Whether you identify with the Christian faith tradition or not, and whether you have appreciation for the Bible or not, the Easter story is rich in spiritual and personal meaning.  It is our story. In this episode we look at some of the themes of the Palm Sunday story and share how these themes are being expressed in our lives today.

What is Palm Sunday? - 5 Historical Truths for Today



The Easter story is a story of life, trust overcoming & transcendence

It is historical and also our story

Jesus represents I Am consciousness, God in humankind, and our Divine potential

Palm Sunday – a pilgrimage of 300,000-400,000 in Jerusalem

Roman guards are on alert to ensure no violent uprisings take place

Jesus enters on his own terms on a small donkey through the back gate

Throngs of people shout “Hosannah!””Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” and “King of Israel!”

They wave palms and lay them on the ground in celebration

Pilate, the Roman governor makes an impressive military-like entrance through the front gate

Contrast between humility and personal power

Jesus make a bold move in the temple’s outer courts

To him, the political and material activities of the temple (money changers and animal sacrifice) defile it

He turns over the tables and lets the animals free

Represents a clearing of consciousness – clearing out all blocks to God

This puts a price on his back

He leaves the temple and returns each day to teach

Most of the famous teachings happen here – parable of the two sons, parable of the tenants, parable of the wedding banquet, parable of the talents, pay taxes to Caesar, love your neighbor

He also calls out the Pharisees as hypocrites

Some themes to consider:

•Not falling victim to how the world wants us to behave

•Choosing humility over personal power

•Allowing ourselves to be celebrated

•New consciousness in us threatening our established consciousness 

•Taking decisive action to clear away the material (obstructions to Being) and restoring ourselves to Truth

•Being ridiculously bold for Spirit-led reasons

Dialogue and Inquiry

Considering these themes in the story, where do you find yourself today?

Which theme do you feel Spirit is calling you to enter?

What other themes do you see?

What does this tell you about yourself and your spiritual journey?

Closing Thought

I endeavor to know my Self and I stay true to it, despite fears that may arise. I release my ego’s need for power, control and willfulness. My authentic Self is emerging. I stay focused on the Truth of my Being, the doorway to God.

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