Episode 96 – Got Faith?

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Faith is a Divine power within us. It is the power we use to manifest anything in the physical world. To make anything purposefully happen, we must first believe it is possible. And with just a tiny bit of faith, we can move the largest of obstacles. We never really lack faith. But we can direct it in ways that don’t serve our highest good. Our doubt can literally cause us to sink. In this episode we explore where we place our faith (in appearances or possibility) and how to shift from doubt to knowing. A critical dialogue in today’s world.

A Mustard Seed of Faith: Your Weekly Catholic Reflection | CMMB Blog



Faith is a Divine power within us. It is the power we use to manifest anything in the physical world, To make anything purposefully happen, we must first believe it is possible. Faith is a deep inner knowing that what our souls desire is already ours. It is possibility thinking. Or even better, possibility knowing.

Jesus was a teacher of faith. The word ‘faith’ shows up more times in the New Testament than the word ‘love’! Here are a couple of his statements:

“I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.” Matthew 21:21

“If? There are no ‘ifs’ among believers. Anything can happen.”  Matthew 9:23   

“Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?” Mark 4:40   

When we have doubt do we lack faith?

In what are we placing our faith? Do we have faith in what is missing, lacking or wrong? Do we have faith in projections of illness, doom and gloom? If we do, we will surely manifest it.

Or do we put our faith in what we actually hope for?

Prior to our gathering I invited people to watch themselves.

How much of your waking hours are you believing in your own abilities to manifest what you desire?

How much of your waking hours do you deeply know you can move obstacles?

How much faith do you have in your power to manifest your hopes and dreams?

And how much of your time are you in doubt and worry?

NOTE: I referred to the reading that was not recorded during this episode. It is the Daily Word from October 24, 2019



When American mystic Charles Fillmore called faith “the perceiving power of the mind,” he was challenging me to exercise my God-sourced authority to create my world. I now take up this power and wield it to create the kind of life my heart truly desires. I include in this vision harmonious relationships, abundant circumstances, radiant health, and spiritual awakening.

I focus my mind on success, peace, and well-being in my life and world without dictating the details of how it might come about. I entrust this all to God and feel my sense of assurance and confidence grow. I know and affirm that everything is moving in the direction of my good and all is well.

Dialogue and Inquiry

In what do you place (or have you placed) your faith? 
What would moving mountains look like to you?
Share a time when your faith powered you? (not faith as belief in God, but faith as your Divine ability to draw your Good from the invisible to the visible; a knowing that without knowing how)
How do you let your need to know how limit your ability to bring what you desire into the world?
In the midst of our very uncertain and rapidly changing world, is your faith in a good outcome or in suffering? What is your hope for humanity?

Closing Thought

I activate the power of my faith by choosing to see challenges as spiritual potential. From this vantage point, I zero in on dynamic thoughts that reveal divine possibilities not yet visible to me. The power and strength of God in me shifts, shapes and illuminates all aspects of any situation to bring my vision into manifestation. God is in the midst always!

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