Episode 94 – Living Spiritually in a Coronavirus World

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Coronavirus is dominating the news, social media and our attention. While we need to stay firmly grounded in the what is happening in the world in order to make the best decisions for ourselves and the whole of humanity, we also need to stay centered in God and focused on Truth. We are powerful Divine beings and there is nothing that can truly harm us. In this episode Rev. Carol shares some interesting metaphors presented by the virus and participants share how they are balancing being in the world but not of it. This was our first online gathering and we are committed to continually improve our sound quality to approximate an in person recording.

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We must do both/and

Stay firmly grounded in the world to make the best decisions for ourselves and the whole of humanity AND

Stay centered on God and focused on Truth. We are powerful, Divine beings and there is nothing that can truly harm us.

We create in consciousness. When we stay focused on our Divine Truth, we create harmony, not viruses.

What we see in our world is an out-picturing of what is in our consciousness, a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs.

The questions now are:

What are we going to do?
Who are we going to be?
What is the Good?
What are we going to learn?

We have created a virus that causes illness and results in rigorous cleansing, social distancing and a disruption to what is normal

Everything that is, has an underlying metaphysical meaning – a message for our souls.

Some metaphysics to consider:

1.Boundary management

A virus penetrates a healthy cell the way a negative/limiting thought penetrates the conscious mind

From Episode 93 – Life is for Living :

Thoughts that ‘steal, kill and destroy’ our experience of and presence to Life Itself

Fear, worry, blame, hate, unforgiveness, divisiveness

Regarding boundary management, we have allowed fear to penetrate our consciousness

Our spiritual “immune systems” can reject, release, transcend or transmute fear…and chose Love

Another metaphysical idea to consider:

2. Increased and rigourous cleansing

A metaphor for cleansing our consciousness

[You may want to listen again to Episode 8: Clearing Consciousness]

Some ways to cleanse your consciousness:

Turn off all fear transmitters and tune to the God channel

Pray regularly – touch the hem

Remember/affirm “I am a fearless, Divine being”

Imagine each of your cells as a “pinpoint of light growing brighter and brighter, connecting in a latticework of radiance”

Thank each and every wonderful cell for its radiant Light

Myrtle Fillmore: “I am a child of God and therefore do not inherit sickness.” Myrtle Fillmore

The Prayer for Protection

We have the opportunity to:

Recognize that what we think divides us is not so important

Come together and make personal decisions that are for the good of everyone

Make positive changes to our everyday lives

Create something new in consciousness

NOTE: Many months after this episode, my views on the virus have dramatically changed. With new information, I make new choices. Previously, I had learned that a virus was an invasive non-biological entity (Borg-like if you are a Star Trek fan) that takes the life force from us. This propels us to wage a war against said ‘intruder’ and win battles via medical intervention. Within the dominator worldview that we live in, that is of course how we would see it – as an unwelcome enemy that is against life. But I have since learned that our understanding of sickness is rooted in germ theory, which IS STILL A THEORY. The idea of germ theory is that a tiny non-biological entity can enter our bodies (presumably via human or surface contact and sneezes and such) and wreak havoc in the body, causing illness and taking life. It’s a strange thought to consider if you truly believe that we are divine creations, made in the image and likeness of God. Interestingly, I learned that there was another theory competing with germ theory at the time. It was put forth by Antoine Béchamp, and called terrain theory. Terrain theory is all about maintaining optimum health in our bodies, recognizing that they are naturally healthy and that the presence of sickness is an indication that our terrain (i.e. body) is out of balance. Viruses (which are naturally present in our bodies – trillions of them live there) can become scavengers of diseased tissue or byproducts of a diseased immune system. Their presence in this state is like an alarm telling us that something is wrong. Louis Pasteur, the author of germ theory, admitted on his deathbed that terrain theory was correct. Unfortunately, John D. Rockefeller backed germ theory with his money, which decimated natural health physicians and funded the medical business as we know it today. It also made him richer and made the population more susceptible to fear and control. People became less responsible for bodily health, governments and corporations became less responsible for the health of the earth body, and today we live in fear of sickness, accepting medicines and vaccines as if they were necessary for life. Does that make sense??? Give it some thought. Here’s a good video to provoke some thought. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njpVSKofxXY

Dialogue and Inquiry

What is on your heart and mind? How are you reacting or responding to what is happening?

When you observe your thoughts (where you place your attention) is it mostly on fear or Love, Peace, Harmony and Wholeness? Can you see how it shifts?

How are you using the lessons from our last topic, Life Is for Living, as we now live with COVID-19?

How are you balancing being in the world and aware enough to discern right action while also living your Divine Truth? What spiritual practices are you engaging in?

I mentioned two metaphors to consider. What else are you seeing?

Closing Thought

I am empowered and energized by the Spirit of Life. I envision my body flooded with Divine Light. I feel its presence connecting my awareness with Source. As I breathe deeply, I quietly affirm that the Life of God is my true identity. I am vibrant, strong, and made whole by this dynamic power.

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