Episode 89 – 2020 Vision: Spiritual Clarity

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2020 vision is the term used to describe normal vision acuity, or clarity. It’s 2020 and a good time to commit ourselves to seeing more clearly. Clarity helps us see through the muck of our own stuff. It distinguishes reality from our story about it. It shows us what is really happening as well as what we do and don’t know. It reveals our part in our own life dramas and also who our friends are. It is also a gift we can employ to keep us focused on what is important and avoid falling prey to distractions. And ultimately, the highest expression of Spiritual Clarity is when we see God in all things.


2020 Vision is vision acuity (clarity) measured at a distance of 20 feet

There’s nothing quite like that feeling when that which was previously clouded, blurry, obscured, or confused, becomes clear

Seeking clarity is part of the spiritual path. There are many levels from everyday life to Being-ness.

Clarity in everyday life:

When we see through the muck of our own stuff, distinguishing reality from our story

Recognize what we do and don’t know

We have no clarity on other people’s motivations, political complexities, etc.

See our part in our own life dramas

Getting who our friends are

Clarity of purpose

Clarity on what you want

Clarity of vision

Life isn’t always clear! When faced with a decision on a direction to take… don’t wait for clarity to reveal the entire path!

Transcendent Clarity:

A complete shift in perception

When a worldview is turned on its side

From Saul to Paul

As we continually rise in consciousness and perfect our thoughts, we see with Spiritual Clarity

We see God everywhere and in everything

We see as God sees

How do we get Clarity? It requires inner work!


Make a conscious connection with God through:



An invitation to all: Make 2020 a year of Clarity Be open to all the ways you can see more clearly.

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Dialogue and Inquiry

Are you aware of what you do not see clearly? Does that awareness cause you to take any new action?

For what in your life do you seek Clarity? How do you find it?

Share a time when something you hadn’t seen before or something you had been struggling with suddenly became clear. How did it come about and how did it change your life? 

Share how clarity of purpose or vision has impacted your life.

In what way to you now see life (i.e. the world, people, family, etc.) as it really is, whereas previously it was confusing or distorted? (i.e. a Saul to Paul experience).

Closing Thought

I recognize that I don’t see everything clearly. Some aspects of my life are muddled and confusing. But I also know that I don’t have to see everything clearly in the world of senses. I focus on seeking clarity when it comes to my own life, being clear in my purpose and the drama I create. When I rely on my ego’s view of reality, I see distortion. I then go within to the Silence. Clarity reveals Itself to me as I separate my story from what is and focus on the Divine Reality – that only God, only Love is True.

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