Episode 86 – Angels and Dreams

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Metaphysically speaking, an angel is a spiritual idea direct from God. We may see them, hear them or experience them as bright ideas that come to us. Dreams are another way we can experience the ‘voice of Spirit.’ In a dream, our psyches use recognizable symbols to show us what is happening or what needs our attention. Angels and dreams guide us in profound ways when we are open. In this episode we follow the Christmas story’s use of angels and dreams and share how these voices of Spirit guide, inspire and inform us.


Luke 1: The angel Gabriel visits teenage Mary

Matthew 1: An angel comes to Joseph in a dream

Luke 2: Angels appear to the fearful shepherds in the fields outside Bethlehem

Matthew 2: Joseph is warned by an angel in a dream to protect his family and flee to Egypt


Messengers of good news and hope

They allayed people’s fears

“Do not be afraid; for see—I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people.” Luke 2:10 

Metaphysically speaking, an angel is a spiritual idea direct from God. We may see them, hear them or just experience them as bright ideas that come to us

Dreams are another way we can experience the ‘voice of Spirit.; Our psyches use recognizable symbols to show us what is happening or what needs our attention.

Charles Fillmore, Co-founder of Unity had this to say about dreams:

“Instead of treating visions in the night as idle dreams, we should inquire into them, seeking to know the cause and meaning of every mental picture. Every dream has its origin in thought, and every thought makes a mind picture. The study of dreams and visions is an important one, because it is through these mental pictures that God communicates with people. God has instructed the great and wise in every age in dreams and visions.” 

Welcoming Angels and Dreams:

Lift up your consciousness

Practice prayer and meditation

Be still

“Ask and you will receive.”

NOTE:During my run-up, I mention Joseph as an interpreter of dreams. This Joseph is in the Old Testament and not to be confused with Joseph in the Christmas story. Also I mention the reading a couple times. Here is the reading I am referring to:

Daily Word from November 19, 1990

Open and Receptive


Openness is the measure of my willingness to receive. I keep my mind open to divine ideas and right guidance. Divine ideas come to me as insight, intuition, imagination, and inspiration. I am open and receptive to ways that I can implement these ideas. In so doing, I radiate peace and joy and manifest harmony and order.

I seek increased awareness through positive thoughts and attitudes. I am open to the loving expressions and deeds of others. I am alert to a flow of harmony throughout my being.

I remain open and receptive to the most positive outworking possible with every change. When I am willing to remove resistance and reluctance from my thinking, I gain a greater appreciation of a variety of experiences.

Dialogue and Inquiry

What is your experience of angels and dreams? How have they informed your life? How have they been good news?

Can you see that an ‘angel’ can show up as a Divine idea rather than an actual vision?

How have you been an angel for another? 

How are you inspired by the characters in the Christmas story and what they did with their experience of angels and dreams?

Is there anything else?

Closing Thought

I am open and receptive to a greater realization of God in my life. When I am aware, Spirit speaks to me in many forms – as a voice, a vision, a dream, the words of another person, or the sudden rush of an idea.  I still myself and listen. The Divine in me discerns the voice of Spirit and receives the good news. There is nothing to fear, for a new consciousness of Peace is being born within me and I am enfolded in Love and Light.

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