Episode 79 – Who Do You Think You Are?

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Who do you think you are? That is THE fundamental question that frames your whole life. We struggle with ideas about ourselves that someone else gave us. We believe ourselves to be a mere humans with faults, limitations, and fixed personality traits. We focus on some form of “I’m only human” or “I’m not enough.” We confuse who we think we are with our feelings. But all that isn’t true! We are image and likeness of God, the Divine idea of human perfection. When we are conscious of our perfection in the Infinite, we manifest who we have always been in Being. In this episode we engage in dialogue on how our beliefs about ourselves show up in our lives and how we remember and live the Truth.  


Do you think you are a mere human with faults, limitations, and fixed personality traits?

“Who do you think you are?” is THE fundamental question that frames your whole life

We struggle with ideas about ourselves that someone else gave us – ideas such as

“You won’t amount to anything“

“You will always be _____,”

“You aren’t important.”

We believe in human limitation – disease, “I can’t..” “I’m not..” “I’m only..” “I’m always..” etc.

Ideas also planted and nurtured by our own egos

We focus on “I’m only human” or some form of that

We get bogged down by our feelings and identify with them

You may say, ‘But I am only human.’ This is the understatement of your life. You are not only human—you are also divine in potential. The fulfillment of all your goals and aspirations in life depends upon stirring up and releasing more of that divine potential. And there is really nothing difficult about letting this inner light shine. All we must do is correct the tendency to turn off our light when we face darkness.” Eric Butterworth

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The Nature of our Mind

What happens when we accept these Truths about ourselves?

I am a perfect and whole expression of God

I am the Divine idea of human perfection

I am God’s image of Peace, Health, Power and Love

On the Spiritual Path we must continually build up our consciousness to the level of Truth, EVERY DAY, not just when things get testy

Daily spiritual practice – prayer, meditation, affirmation and all the inner work to release what is false and claim what is true

Vigilance of the mind!

NOTE: During today’s episode I referenced a reading that was shared prior to the start of the recorded session. It is the Daily Word from December 9, 1930


I REALIZE that I should not let my mind dwell upon personal imperfections as long as I hope to overcome and remove them. I know that just as long as I think of personal faults as something of my own, as long as I speak of “my imperfections,” just so long will I be identified with them.

I know that in Spirit I am the offspring of God, created in His image and after His likeness. I do not feel that I am presumptuous when I claim my divine sonship. I do not think of myself as claiming too much when I speak of my innate perfection in Spirit. I would speak a falsehood if I declared myself to be anything short of a child of God.

In Truth, I am God’s creature of perfection. As I realize this truth, as I realize the perfection of my inner self, so will my outer self be brought into manifestation and into visibility as perfect. I transform my thoughts so that perfection is my standard. I know that even now my whole being is being changed into perfection.

And from Colossians, chapter 1 verse 28: “Admonishing every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ.”

Dialogue and Inquiry

Who do you think you are? I mean really. Where does your mind dwell? On your imperfections or Truth?

How do your beliefs about yourself show up in your life? Where do those ideas come from? 

Do you confuse yourself with your feelings? What happens when you do?

What do you do to remember and live your Truth?

How do you experience this statement: “I am a perfect and whole expression of God”?

Closing Thought

Be still and know that I am God. I within you, am the God with whom all things are possible. I within you, am the Spirit of Life, Love and Wisdom. All that I am you are. Keep yourself grounded in this Truth. And so it is.

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