Episode 76 – Internal Guidance System

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Within each of us is an Internal Guidance System. Our guidance can come in the form of intuition, a gut feeling, a sense of peace or a voice. But there is also the voice of ego in us, which is compelling! Sometimes we have a hard time discerning whether our guidance is Divine (from our Higher Self/Spirit) or rooted in ego (separation/fear/lack/limitation/etc.). In this episode we share experiences of inner Guidance and what we do to cultivate our Divine Self so we can trust its ‘voice.’

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The ways we usually approach decisions:


List of pros and cons

Elicit advice

Coin toss

Find out what is ‘normal’


The other way:

Divine Guidance shows up in lots of ways. Some are:



Inner Knowing


Follow your energy

It can come from the outer world but the inner voice needs to confirm

The voice of the ego is compelling. It is rooted in separation (fear, limitation, lack, superiority/inferiority, etc.) and made up of thoughts and beliefs from the past 

Ego or Guidance? How Can You Tell?

Ego tends to be loud and angsty. It will reinforce separation.

In contrast, inner Guidance is the “still, small voice”. It brings Peace. It is aligned with Source.

Ego will cast doubt. It encourage chaos and will try to convince. It supports ego identities.

In contrast, Guidance has a deep-rooted certainty. It is neutral, reveals itself in quiet and supports your potential & connection.

It takes Discernment and Faith to trust our Divine Guidance

To ‘hear’ it requires us to cultivate the presence of our Divine Self

We do that through spiritual practice

Dialogue and Inquiry

How do you hear/listen for Spirit? What do you do to cultivate your Divine Self?

Share a time when you chose Divine guidance when making a decision instead of the voice of ego. What was the situation? What did you do or not do? Tell us about your certainty or uncertainty and what was the result?

Share about choosing the voice of ego and what happened.

How have you learned to discern the difference between ego and your Divine Guidance?

Closing Thought

As I open myself to Divine Wisdom and Peace, I rise to a higher level of awareness and attune to the Infinite. I release outer distractions that clutter my mind, and experience absolute Peace and Clarity. I hear the gentle guidance of my inner voice, renewing my sense of purpose. I emerge from these moments certain of what is mine to do.

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