Episode 72 – I Have No Response to That

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Inspired by the fable-like film, Joe Versus the Volcano, we engage in dialogue on how and when to apply, “I have no response to that” in our lives. A regular spiritual practice will hone our Divine gift of Discernment so when a situation arises, we will know when a response is a good use of our time and energy and will add to the conversation. Here we share our life successes and failed attempts at choosing to not respond.


Some spiritual themes from the movie:

Selling your soul/fear of living

Living in a dream state

Domestication of the planet


Self-awareness/living in amazement

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The meme: I have no response to that

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Some of the ways/times to have no response to that are:

When you are triggered and your impulse is to defend, attack, rationalize, opinionate, etc.

When your discern that you won’t really be adding anything to the conversation; it’s fine as it is

When responding right now would not yield an empowering result

To avoid getting sucked into a line of questioning

It is definitely a practice! Having a regular spiritual practice will support your mastery of Discernment.

Jesus was a master at this!

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Dialogue Questions:

Share your successes and frustrations with applying (or not applying) “I have no response to that” in your life this past week. What happened?

Did you find a little more space between your impulse to respond and your response? What happened?

What else does this mean for you?

[If there is time] If you watched the movie, what else inspired you about it? How do you apply your inspiration to your spiritual life?


I am not my thoughts, opinions and judgments. The world doesn’t always need to hear what is on my mind. Sometimes I may be guided to speak. Other times it may be best for everyone if I say nothing. I usethe Divine gift of Discernment in me and listen for the right and perfect response. I pause and explore the space in between my impulse and better judgment. I find Peace in the quiet.

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