Episode 70 – From Victim to Warrior to Master

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We conclude our series on The Four Agreements (and The Fifth Agreement) by exploring the process of moving from the Dream of the First Attention (Victim) to the Dream of the Second Attention (Warrior) to the Dream of the Third Attention (Master). This is the arduous path to Oneness consciousness. It is arduous because we are constantly pulled back into Victim consciousness, which is society’s dream, and we must do the work of the Warrior to identify and reject old agreements. This is where the Divine gift of Will comes into the picture. Will is the directive power that can choose a new course of action.

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Underlying premise:

We are all living in the ‘dream of the planet’

Book of Law

Beliefs not Truth

The Five Agreements are a Spiritual Practice

1. Be impeccable with your word
2. Don’t take anything personally
3. Don’t make assumptions
4. Always do your best
5. Be skeptical but learn to listen

The directive power that chooses a course of action

Any change of habit/ pattern requires Will

One of our 12 spiritual power

Works in tandem with Understanding

Ultimately, we are on the path to becoming our authentic Selves and shed all the layers that aren’t us, together with the false beliefs and burdens that keep us from being truly free.

VICTIM: The Dream of the First Attention aka “the fall from the garden”

We are disconnected from the Divine and don’t know who we really are

We believe the distorted world of symbols and lies (i.e. separation)

We are the star of our movie and all supporting characters are viewed through the lens of personal perception

We seek happiness outside ourselves and believe that suffering is normal

We look for a savior to restore it all

WARRIOR: The Dream of the Second Attention

We no longer want to be a victim and want to change our world

We are at war, but the war is within ourselves and the choice between what we’ve learned and Truth

There is no savior but ourselves We use the Four Agreements [and other spiritual practices] as tools to shift our attention

MASTER: The Dream of the Third Attention

The Last Judgment – the last time we judge ourselves and others and we accept everyone and everything as it is

We have won the ‘war’ and are at peace 

We are beyond knowledge and belief – we are aware/no separation

We experience ourselves as the intention of the Universe

There is only one living being and you are that being

You feel the totality of yourself in everything. You experience yourself as the only living being that exists

You live your life in Love because Love is who you are

You love every secondary character of your story unconditionally, just as you love yourself

The message to deliver to the world is you

“I am in the Father and the Father is in me…the Father who abides in me does the work.” John 14:10

Dialogue Questions:

How does this model for transformation (Victom-Warrior-Master) resonate with you? How does it relate to your life??

What statement about the dream of the third attention was most inspiring to you? What is your biggest take-away?

What is an everyday thing going on in your life that illustrates the path from Victim to Warrior to Master? Are you having success using the new agreements as tools? 

How do you experience the power of Will in your life as you transform from Victim to Warrior to Master?

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the five agreements and how you have used them these past few weeks? What is your biggest take-away?


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