Episode 63 – Experiencing the Transcendent

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Transcendent experiences are those that surpass usual limits, or extend beyond the limits of ordinary experience. They can be as dramatic as meeting God (or our Higher Self) face-to-face, as in the story of Moses and the burning bush. Or they can be experiences of a sudden insight, an intense sense of Divine Light/Love or a place of extraordinary beauty. They can can also be as humble as perceiving the depth of a stranger’s humanity in an unexpected encounter. In this episode we share some of our transcendent experiences of the Divine and how they changed our lives.


A transcendent experience is one that surpasses usual limits, or extends beyond the limits of ordinary experience

Some ways that transcendent experiences show up:

Meeting God (or your Higher Self) face-to-face

Feeling overwhelmed by Divine Light/Love

Being visited by light beings,

Apprehending  a place of extraordinary beauty

Having an out of body experience

Experiencing a healing

Fully realizing Christ/Oneness consciousness

Examples in the Bible


It took place on a high mountain

It included Peter, James, and John as witnesses

Jesus’ countenance and clothing shown white

Moses and Elijah appeared

Peter offered to build “tabernacles” for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah (Elias)

A cloud overshadowed the participants and a voice was heard declaring, “This is my beloved Son: hear him.”

The disciples were overcome in fear or awe at what they heard and witnessed

The disciples were sworn to secrecy about what happened


Seventh Sunday after the resurrection of Jesus

Disciples gathered

Holy Spirit descended upon them – mighty rushing wind

Disciples began to speak in multiple languages

Balaam and the talking donkey

Experiencing the transcendent can also be humble

Perceiving the depth of a stranger’s humanity in an extraordinary encounter

Note: These more humble transcendent experiences happened to me while in Peru and I will share them in a separate podcast episode

It’s important to remember that God is active EVERYWHERE!!! These transcendent experiences are in front of us if we are just aware. We just need to surrender, keep our eyes and heart open and be open to surprises

Dialogue Questions:

Share one of your transcendent spiritual experiences.

How or why was it out of the ordinary?

How did you see God in it?

What impact did it have on you?

How did it inform your life going


I have within me untapped spiritual resources, unused spiritual powers and unexplored realms of being. When I lift my consciousness through prayer I quicken the spiritual self that I Am and call into expression spiritual qualities and powers that transcend my human understanding. I transcend myself and all my affairs, for I Am Spirit.

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