Episode 60 – Imagine That!

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Imagination is our ability to picture, conceptualize, envision and dream. It is what gives shape, form and color to unformed mental energy. Before we bring anything into manifestation, we first have a picture of it. This is a Divine gift, and as with any gift, we can use it to create good in our lives or more separation. We have a propensity to create stories in our minds about people, relationships and the past – stories that we play over and over in our imagination. In this episode we share how we use Imagination to create the lives we truly want.

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Imagination is our ability to picture, conceptualize, envision and dream. It is what gives shape, form and color to unformed mental energy – our vision beyond what already is

Before anything comes into physical existence, it is first imagined in the mind 

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We can use our Imagination to envision positive outcomes such as:

Complete healing of our bodies

Getting a new job

Achieving a milestone

We can also use our Imagination to:

Envision scary outcomes

Paralyze ourselves in anxiety and fear

Believe something that doesn’t exist in reality – the proverbial boogeyman

We live inside stories – stories about our past, our relationships, what other people said, did or intended, or about our own abilities and worthiness – and we use our imagination to play them over and over in our minds

Dialogue Questions

Tell us how you have used Imagination to create something meaningful or extraordinary in your life. 

When has your Imagination ‘gotten the best of you?’ Has it led you in the wrong direction or caused strife in your life? What did you do about it and how did the experience inform you going forward?

Is there a time in your life when facts caused you to change your story? What happened and what story did you replace it with?

What is the biggest dream you can imagine either for yourself or the world?

Closing Thought

I am grateful for the Divine gift of Imagination. It is my ability to picture and dream. I can use my Imagination to envision and manifest Love or fear, positive outcomes or limited ones. Guided by Spirit, I exercise my Imagination in the direction of my highest and best possibilities. I see beyond appearances and envision Peace and Harmony within me, and among individuals and nations. Divine Mind shows me the way and I take action to manifest my dreams. Through the power of Imagination, I create an extraordinary life.

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