Episode 52 – The Beatitudes: Good Mourning

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We continue our exploration of the Beatitudes, a series of conditions and spiritual promises. In this episode we delve into the human experience of mourning. Mourning is the expression of grief or sorrow. It’s no fun, but going through it gets us to a new normal. There is “Good” on the other side. The promise to those who mourn is Divine Comfort, which shows up in myriad ways. In this episode we share our experience of mourning and the gift of Comfort.


The second Beatitude:

Mourning is the expression of grief or sorrow. We mourn when we experience a substantial loss. Sorrow can be rooted in shame, regret or guilt

Some of the things we may mourn in life:

Loss of a loved one

Loss of a job

Loss of a past version of ourselves

A former habit

A place we left behind

Lost opportunity

Simpler times

The Five Stages of Grief (Elizabeth Kubler Ross & David Kessler)

“Mourning or sorrow is not in itself a good thing, for the Will of God is that everyone should experience happiness and joyous sucesss. Nevertheless, trouble and suffering are often extremely useful, because many people will not bother to learn the Truth until driven to do so by sorrow and failure. Sorrow then becomes relatively a good thing. Sooner or later every human being will have to discover the Truth about God and make his own contact…first hand.” Emmet Fox in The Sermon on the Mount

The promise is: They will be comforted.

Sorrow is not the place to dwell, but the place to move through. It is important to feel the feelings and KNOW there is Comfort in every sorrowing heart. Don’t be surprised how Comfort shows up. It may not be what you expect!

Dialogue Questions

What are some of the people/places/things you have mourned in your life? 

Share about the realization of the Comfort of Spirit in the midst of loss. What was your experience? How did/does Comfort show up? Have you been the Comfort of Spirit for another?

Have you ever tried to bypass grief? What happened

What is your experience of blessing through mourning?

What else does this mean for you?


Whatever I may mourn – people, places, lost opportunities, habits – I am comforted knowing that my sense of grief is a reaction to change. Change is an essential part of my spiritual journey. Moving through change can be challenging and even painful, but Divine Comfort shepherds me through to the Good on the other side. Comfort is always available when I stay centered on God within me.

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