Episode 41 – Establishing Peace

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In order for Peace to be, it must first be established in our consciousness. It is not something we can make happen by any external activity. When we establish Peace and Harmony in our consciousness, we are okay with life as it is AND we hold the power to calm its storms. Peace is the theme of the second week of Advent.


Peace -Free from strife; a tranquil state

Shalom (Hebrew) – inward sense of completeness or wholeness

Eirene (New Testament/Greek) – experience that comes from being in right relationship with God, tranquil state of the soul

Establish Peace in Consciousness

Acknowledge feelings and be honest and authentic

Align actions with beliefs

Make friends with conflict – there’s nothing to defend!

Release resistance to what is; release hold on outcomes

Dialogue Questions

What does establishing Peace in your consciousness look like?What is your experience?

What is your biggest personal block to having Peace firmly established in your consciousness?

What is the single, most important thing you can do to be Peace in the world?

Share a story about Peace manifesting in the world after first being established in consciousness. 

How is this relevant to the Christmas story or season?


By being peaceful, I create Peace. Peace is my practice as I align my heart and mind with God. When I turn within to the Silence, I connect with my Infinite Source. When I center in Spirit, my words and actions naturally stem from a place of Peace. I interact with others calmly, and in doing so help others experience Peace. I create Harmony in my own life and in the world.

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