Episode 39 – Qualities of Life (or Awakening to Divine Ideas)

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There are Divine Ideas or Qualities under everything that happens or exists. When we express Gratitude, we usually extend it to people, circumstances or things. But if we dig to find the Quality underneath a situation in our life, a whole new experience may open up.


The Creative Process:

Mind – Idea – Expression

There is a Divine Idea under all that is, and under every experience

Divine Ideas = Qualities

OR gifts of Spirit

Look for Good not only people, circumstances or things. Be open digging to find the quality underneath, and be grateful for that. A whole new experience may open up.

Looking for Good = Looking for God

Some examples of Qualities of Life:

Patience, Adventure, Humility, Wisdom, Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty, Inspiration, Friendship, Laughter, Compassion, Awareness, Understanding, Acceptance, Authenticity, Optimism, Listening, Awakening, Freedom, Generosity, Trust, Strength, Change, Beauty

Dialogue Questions

When you look at your life this past year, what quality or Divine gift are you most grateful for? 

Share your story about how it showed up for you.

How do you see Hope and Faith showing up in the Christmas story and how does that relate to your life today?


The Presence of Spirit is always with me, guiding and informing me. Everything that appears to happen to me is actually for me. When I pay attention, I see the gifts of Spirit under the unfoldment of my life. I immerse myself in the inner knowing of Divine support, and I move forward, with Joy and Gratitude. I accept the gifts of Spirit and do what is mine to do.

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