Episode 35 – The Spiritual Roots of Halloween

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Halloween has a long history. Our annual trick-or-treating tradition is rooted in the 15th century celebration of All Soul’s Day, when people went door to door to offer prayers for people in exchange for cakes. When look at this historical tradition and remove its religious trappings, we can see a spiritual Truth, which is, when we pray for others, we receive bountiful gifts! In this episode we share about the spiritual gifts we receive when we we pray for others. It changes us.

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15th century Europe

All Saints Day – time for honoring
the saints and praying for recently departed souls

Groups of poor people (often children) would go door-to-door offering to pray for the souls of dead relatives in exchange for cakes

When we pray for others, we receive bountiful gifts

Redefining prayer: Not praying to God, but praying from a conscious awareness of God

Pray to re-establish contact with divine power – “Seek first the Kingdom…”

When we pray for others, we see/know/hold Divine Truth for another. We bear true witness, which we discussed in Episode 33: https://thespiritualforum.org/podcast/episode-33-ten-spiritual-truths-bear-witness-to-truth/

Something happens in us and there is a mirror effect of collective intention

Dialogue Questions

What is your experience of praying for others? Share a story about how your prayer impacted another or yourself. Does the person you are praying for have to be open to prayer for there to be an effect?

What is your experience of being held in prayer by another?

What motivates you to pray for others? Or what keeps you from praying for others?

What do you think is actually happening when you pray for another person?

Closing Thought

When I pray for others, I hold them in the Light of Peace and Love. I see them as their Divine Truth. My prayer energy reaches out to bless people often in ways I may never know. The blessings that I share expand my own conscious awareness of Love and Peace. Every time I pray for others, I am blessed.

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