Episode 19 – Crisis at the Border: Bend the World to Your Vibration

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There’s a crisis on our border and also on borders around the world. As human beings, we come down on different sides of an issue such as this, and most of us are unhappy in some way. When we don’t like what is happening in our world we can either add to its angst by complaining or imposing our will, or we can bend it to our own vibration.


When we don’t like reality, we have a choice – to impose our will, to be upset or to pull with a vision.

Push Upset Pull

Complain Create
a vision
what is real
our will

Worry Model
spiritual power
our voice
Divine Order

Impact of meditation:

Dialogue Questions:

What are your thoughts/beliefs on death and what is beyond it?

When you want something or someone to move or change, do you prefer to push them, pull them or be upset about it? Share a story.

When someone wants something from you, do you respond better to being pushed or pulled? Why?


When the world is not what I want to see, I realize the power that I have to change it. I pause. I remember that problems are not solved at the level of consciousness that created them, so I release thoughts that contribute to angst and dissonance. I lift my consciousness to fully express myself as Love and Light in the world. I focus my full attention on the Spirit of God within. I become a powerful attracting force for Good! 

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