Episode 13 – Prayer Redefined

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The practice of prayer is knowing the Light is there, opening the blinds and gratefully receiving it. Prayer is not just saying a bunch of words hoping that the good you seek will come your way. It requires belief and action. Prayer is a spiritual practice that will change your life and also impact our greater world if we understand it.


Prayer redefined: Not praying to God but praying from a conscious awareness of God

From Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth: Prayer is not something we do to God but to ourselves. It is not a position but a disposition. It is not flattery but a sense of oneness. It is not asking but knowing. It is not words but feeling. It is not will but willingness.

Open the blinds!

Prayer is opening ourselves so that we may receive what already is. God doesn’t have what you need. God IS what you need.

Dialogue Questions:

What is your personal experience of prayer? How do you pray?

Share an experience of personal healing through prayer (healing can take many forms, not just physical healing).

If you don’t believe in the power of prayer or if you don’t pray, what is behind that?

What would opening the blinds of your mind and heart look like to you?


In the quiet stillness of prayer, I feel my connection with God. I pray believing and affirming that I am being led to my highest good and supplied with ideas that support my life. I pray knowing that I am being divinely guided to what I need to say or do and to be an active participant in the outcome.

My words in prayer declare the truth of my being and create a path of unlimited expression in the world.

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