Episode 128 – Let Your Light Shine

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Dialogue and Inquiry

How are you being the light of the world?

Beyond what I shared, what other ways can we be light in the world?

What stops you from radiating your light? Are you waiting for something?

What stops you from seeing the light in others?

Have you had a Thomas Merton experience? Tell us about it.

Where is your light meter today? 

Closing Thought

My soul longs to shine brightly. My inner light is a Divine gift that never leaves me. I magnify this light by living generously, discovering and sharing my gifts and talents, and authentically expressing my truth. When I share who I am in the world and give from my heart, my true self shines through. As I give and express all that I am, I become a powerful beacon of light and love. I shine like the sun and bless the world.
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