Episode 123 – Outrageous Love

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The Power of Myth and Fable

Stories like The Lord of the Rings and The Alchemist are meant to be revisited time and again

As our souls progress through life, there is more to glean from such tales and different themes pop out and reveal their significance

From Episodes 121 & 122:

The goal of transformation is to reach an endpoint, and that endpoint is true empowerment

Not the same kind of ‘power’ we are used to seeing in the world

Worldly power looks like fame, money, influence and domination Tends to corrupt us and betray

True empowerment is

Intense times are ahead

Embodying, embracing and accepting unconditional Love will be of extreme importance this week and in the coming months

As spiritual journeyers, we are called to keep ourselves anchored in Love to the best of our abilities

Are you willing? Are you ready?

Unconditional Love:

•Cares beyond measure

•Never gives up

•Constantly wants the best for another

•Forgives and never judges

•Is full of compassion and mercy

•Feels the pain and joy of others deeply

•Knows no bounds, is unchanging and non-exclusive

•Does not mete out tests or withdraw protection

•Is revealed through action (but before action can be taken, it must first be in our state of mind, heart and soul)

Jesus’s Teachings:

“Love one another.”

“Love your neighbor.”

“Love your enemy.”

Who is my neighbor?

Your neighbor is sometimes our biggest challenge

Likely a person whose behavior or beliefs you don’t condone

She or he probably voted differently from you

Who is my enemy?

Our greatest enemy can be ourselves

We can love others only when we are able to love ourselves

That is our first step, and cannot be circumvented

Loving the self requires:

The journey into the darkness within – our shadow – to bring it to light

‘Cutting out’ the inner dialogue that enslaves us

Healing our personal and ancestral wounds

No one can do this for us 

Once we do our inner work, we can fully love ourselves as God loves us

We can then love others

When we alchemize to being and living as unconditional Love, the world around us changes

Dialogue and Inquiry

Have you allowed Love to truly embrace you? Do you know you are deserving? What blocks do you put up? Do you know why?

Do you love yourself in all these ways? 

Who can you love in these ways and who can you not (yet)? 

Which of these definitions are you currently working on? Which do you feel you have mastered?

How do you reveal Love through action?

Closing Thought

“Humans are the secret ingredient in all the world because they bring love through action to enrich creation.” The Secret of the Alchemist

I accept my role to bring love through action to enrich creation!

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