Episode 15 – All Is Well…Or Is It?

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This week during The Spiritual Forum we will be in dialogue on the activity of Faith in our lives. Faith is focusing on what we want to see live and grow, not what is missing. When you truly live in Faith, the game changes. We are able to bridge the paradox between what is and what will be with ease and grace.


Understanding -Seeing with spiritual eyes the Truth that stands under something

Faith – Knowing without evidence, intuitive not rational, the activity of drawing Good to you

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 1:1

God, the invisible substance out of
which all visible things are formed, is all around us waiting to come forth
into manifestation
.” Emilie Cady in Lessons In Truth

Dialogue Questions:

has Faith meant to you in the past? What does it mean to you now?

have you cultivated Faith in your life?

Share a time when focusing on the Good (versus the way things looked) transformed your life experience.

Is there something you are facing now that is way off from what you want to see? Let’s talk about how we can put Faith to work and create a new life experience.


I know and trust that God is the invisible substance out of which all visible things are formed and is all around me waiting to come into manifestation. In Faith I know that whatever happens, there is a blessing. I look for the Good and focus on what I want to see live and grow. Faith is the foundation of my life!.

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