Episode 116 – I Am Sovereign and We Are One

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Sovereignty: autonomy, independence, self-governance, self-rule, self-determination, freedom

Free of the control and coercion of others

Free to direct your own life

Spiritual sovereignty is our birthright. We are each created as a complete entity unto ourselves.

•Inner Divine power

•Authority over our own body/mind

•Responsibility for ourselves and our actions

•Recognition and respect   of our boundaries

•Freedom to choose our thoughts/beliefs/experience

We are born free and united brothers, each as much a great Lord as the other, while you are all the slaves of one sole man. I am the master of my body, I dispose of myself, I do what I wish, I am the first and the last of my Nation…subject only to the Great Spirit“

From Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World by Jack Weatherford 1988

Pay attention!

We are in a period of great learning, change and social pressure to conform

We will serve ourselves well if we are in regular spiritual practice, listening only to guidance from Spirit, and being protective of our spiritual sovereignty. 

Jesus, the Sovereign:

Stood his ground

Didn’t care what people thought about him

Taught and healed in his own way

Not dissuaded from his purpose by outside forces

Broke (or followed) rules as he was guided

Accepted people who were not acceptable to the group

Took care of his body

‘No’ was ‘no’ and his ‘yes’ was ‘yes’

Chose when to speak and when not to

We Are One

Social pressure and group think can confuse us

Love one another, but don’t abandon your sovereignty in deference to any other or the group

“I Am Sovereign and “We Are One” Requires Spiritual Maturity

We have done our shadow work

We have learned to distinguish our ego voice from our Higher Self voice

We have learned to completely love and respect ourselves

When we have mastered centering ourselves on God as our inner power and guidance

Do you consider yourself a sovereign being?

•I am not easily swayed by media or other people

•I do what is mine to do whether it is popular or not

•I speak and live my truth even if it is not accepted  or I lose friends

•I retain control of my own body

•I question rules and mandates that could harm my being

•I take responsibility for my own choices and outcomes

•I keep healthy boundaries (i.e. I know where I stop and another person starts)

•I take charge of my thoughts and beliefs as well as my mental and physical health

•I take responsibility for the experience I choose and don’t blame others

•I respect the sovereignty of everyone else

I Am the Master of my Own Life!

Dialogue and Inquiry

How do you reclaim your own innocence?

Do you consider yourself a sovereign being? Why or why not?

What areas are you inspired to work on? (see list of considerations above or add your own)

How do you balance/live as “I am sovereign” and “We are One”? Do you see those statements as a polarity or as spiritual Truth? 

What feelings arise in you about this topic?

What other ways do you live as a sovereign being?

Closing Thought

I am a sovereign being, the master of my own life. I know who I am – image and likeness of God. I am not swayed by the opinions or messages of others, until I first listen to the still, small voice within me, and confirm my right direction. Guided by Spirit, I stand in my strength and power. I speak my truth. I am in control of my body, mind and spirit, and respect the sovereignty of others.

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