Episode 113 – Awakening Consciousness Now

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Here are some definitions of the word awakening:

1 a rousing from sleep
2 a rousing from inactivity or indifference
3 a coming into awareness

Generally speaking, we walk around in a state of slumber. We choose to see only what our perceptions allow. We stay firmly rooted in one side or the other

We are living in such an interesting part of history right now as so much is coming to light that had been previously held in darkness

Regarding our personal lives, we could be awakening to:

some darker or lighter aspects of ourselves that we hadn’t previously known was there

what our true values are

our role in relationships, encouraging us to set new, healthier boundaries.

shadow elements within that we hadn’t realized (Episode 108)

how much we trust authorities

how much we care for people

We seem to be in a crucible of a collective awakening when it comes to the national and world stages. Here are some considerations:

Pedophilia networks
Human trafficking
Slavery today
Fear-focused media/propaganda
Collective fear
Worker abuse
Animal abuse
Mental health
Worldwide debt
The balance between safety and freedom
Basic paradigms that we as a collective agree to such as what we eat, the value we place on medical intervention versus health, the role of our government, etc.

The ultimate and most important awakening is our awakening to our Divine Truth – our God Self.

During my run-up, I mentioned an interview with Anneke Lucas, a survivor of an elite child sex slavery ring in the 1970’s. This four-part interview shifted my world in a very profound way. If you are interested in bearing witness to this beautiful being, her horrendous experiences and miraculous healing, you can find it here.

Dialogue and Inquiry

  • Regarding you personally, what have you recently awakened to?
  • Have you awakened to anything new regarding the world stage?
  • How does this awakening manifest for you? What are your feelings? How does it change your life or your perception of the world?
  • What else are you willing to awaken to?
  • Are you experiencing a shift toward non-polarity perception, versus our usual right-left or right-wrong thinking?
  • What do you do to stay awake?
  • If you aren’t awakening to something, what are you doing? 🙂

Closing Thought

My awakening is part of the collective awakening. I awaken daily and remind myself of my divine nature. I remember to see the divine in others. Everyone is playing their part in the right and perfect way as together we manifest a more perfect world.  

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