Episode 11 – Moving Boldly Through Fear

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We all have fears. Some of our fears stop us in our tracks, leaving us feeling unfulfilled. Others we are able to move through and find great joy on the other side. Is there something we need to help us transcend fear and live the fullest, most amazing lives possible? Or do we already have it?


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Dialogue Questions:

What are you most afraid of right now? What would support you in taking your next bold step?

How have you moved through fear in the past? What did you rely on?

Is there really anything to fear?


I go within to the core of my being, where I connect with Spirit at the heart level. In the safety of oneness, I release all fear. I accept the truth of who I am, and I recognize the power that emanates from within me. In awareness of my oneness with God, I am free to explore the outer limits of my comfort zone.

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