Episode 107 – Sacred Masculine Rising

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Within each of us are feminine and masculine archetypes. On the spiritual path, we seek to balance these energies and allow their sacred forms to emerge in us. The Sacred Masculine manifests as informed action, protection, discipline, order and strength through healthy boundaries. He stands firmly in Truth, and will lay down his life for it. The energies of the Sacred Masculine are greatly needed today to bring about planetary balance, protect freedom, protect the Earth, step fearlessly through change, speak Truth, and establish Order. In this episode we share how the Sacred Masculine expresses in us and where we see opportunities for its emergence.



Masculine out of balance:

Power over

Self-worth = material success

King of the hill

Detached emotions


Emasculated male dominated by female

The spiritual path calls us to allow the rise of the Sacred Masculine within and allow the rise of the Sacred Feminine within. Then establish balance.

Expression of the Sacred Feminine (Episode #74 Sacred Feminine Rising)

•Nurturing •Openness •Receptivity •Compassion •Sensuality •Creation •Intuition •Vulnerability •Collaboration •Acceptance •Empathy  •Connection to Earth/Creation

Sacred Masculine:

•Informed action •Integrity/Fairness •Protection •Discipline (body and mind) •Order •Boundary setting •Courage/self-determination •Self-sacrificing servant

Some consideration:

Do you set good boundaries for yourself?

Do you protect yourself and what is good and true?

Do you exhibit discipline in body and mind?

Are you in action toward your goals and dreams?

Do you live in integrity – walk your talk?

Sacred Masculine per Robert Moore

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine

Lover – archetype of idealism and sensuality

Warrior – archetype of action

Magician – archetype of knowing

King – archetype of protection and order

A comprehensive summary of Robert Moore’s book can be found in this article.

The Sacred Masculine is greatly needed today to:

Restore planetary balance

Protect freedom

Protect/restore the Earth

Step boldly through change

Speak Truth

Establish Order

Encourage forward movement

NOTE: During the sharing, Jim mentioned The Mankind Project. Here is the link: https://mankindproject.org/ Also Teri mentioned https://navigateadolescence.com/

Dialogue and Inquiry

How does the Sacred Masculine express in you? Where in your life do you see opportunity for its emergence?

How can you or have you moved from ‘dysfunctional masculine’ to the Sacred Masculine? What steps can you take today to reclaim the Sacred Masculine in your life?

Where are you regarding balancing the sacred Feminine and Masculine? How can you tell when/that you are out of balance?

Why do you think this is important?

Closing Thought

Within me is the Sacred Masculine. I am a protector. I am action in partnership with wisdom. I am order and strength, and as such, I maintain healthy boundaries and encourage others to do the same. I speak and hold to my Truth, but not in the form of having power over others. My power is inherent in me as my Divine nature. In partnership with the Sacred Feminine, I am a whole and perfect expression of Spirit.

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