Episode 104 – World on Fire

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With protests and riots erupting in cities across our nation over the death of George Floyd, we are all stunned, disoriented, angry and feeling despair. As the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr said, “we are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” Our nation seems plunged into a state of chaos and out of it, we have the power to shape a better world in closer alignment with the Truth of our being – Love and justice for all. In this episode we share our thoughts and feelings about what is happening in our nation and also what we see in ourselves regarding division.



There is one Presence and Power

We are all One

We create in consciousness

Everything that happens in the physical world reflects our consciousness

The Bigger Picture

We are reforming ourselves and our world

It’s scary

We could be here for awhile

Our spiritual work is to change ourselves and act in alignment with our beliefs and values

Be Light, be Love, root out what isn’t true in us

Do Good

Dr. Alveda King, Opinion Piece May 31, 2020

“As we see cities burning across America following the senseless killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Monday, there is a cry to heaven going up across America: Lord, please heal our land! It is a cry for unity, for social justice, for safety and for an end to hatred.”

“Thankfully, spiritual leaders are recognizing that we are in a battle of evil against good. Of course, good always prevails in the end. God is good. As members of one common race – the human race – we continue to fight this battle. We should unite, fighting as one with our spirits, souls and bodies in full engagement.

As leaders, we must encourage people who are frightened and frustrated. We must stand in solidarity and unity as one human race. We must reject the socially engineered concept that our skin colors and ethnicities divide us into racial groups.”

“People are human beings with so much more uniting us than dividing us.

As these storms coincide and converge, we must ask: What can we do so that we are not fearful and not panicking but praying, believing and loving? We must pray and unite as people of one blood, one America, one human race.”

“My heart is heavy with grief and is moved by the cruel killing of George Floyd, who was a man of God. An urgent cry is growing in my heart. Please America, pray for an end of the looting and shooting! Unite in prayer as one blood.

Thank God for promises made and promises kept. We must continue on.”

Daily Process


Stand in Faith

Focus on Truth

Be in self-inquiry

Question narratives

Listen and learn




Dialogue and Inquiry

Where are you in what is happening in the world?

What are your thoughts and feelings?

Look at where you are in relation to racism, separation, connectivity?

What part of the daily process does your ego resist?

What are you going to do?

Closing Thought

We are One – sons and daughters, brothers and sisters in Spirit. Knowing this, I dig deep and uncover the ways I don’t live in alignment with this truth. I listen for the still, small voice within to show me what I need to release, accept, and do to love my brothers and sisters completely, and co-create a world of Peace and Harmony. God is in the midst. And I am Light in this world.

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