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Introductions & Notices

Introduce yourself and welcome new members! This is also a place for Admins & Moderators to place notices
10 46 We have an official domain name!!!
by bluebird

After-Death Communications (ADCs)

Share your After-Death Communications or another person's communications you wish to discuss
2 21 My Dead Mum Paid Dad A Visit!
by Flossie

Angels & Guides

Talk about Angels & Spirit Guides, whether you have communicated with them, want to speak to them, believe in them or not believe in them - all things Angels & Guides!
1 4 Angel Numbers - Noticing them and looking for their meaning.
by AdministratorAnna

Astral Projections & OOBEs (Out Of Body Experiences)

Discuss the possibilities and techniques relating to Astral Projection and OOBEs and also share yours and others experiences
0 0 None

Book Club

Discuss any spiritual or related books - introduce new titles, give us your reviews, ask questions on other reviews and share all the wonderful stories you've read!
3 19 Tell us about the books that have changed your life!
by normy

Death & Afterlife

Share your views, information, questions and general thoughts on Death and the Afterlife
2 28 Harvard Neurosurgeon Confirms The Afterlife Exists
by bluebird

Dreams & Dream Messengers

Share your dreams and help decipher other members dreams
2 8 Do you have a dream that appears regularly throughout your life?
by AdministratorAnna

Legends, Myths & Mysteries

Tell us about all your favourite myths, legends or mind-boggling mysteries
0 0 None

Meditation & Spiritual Healing

Tell us about your meditation techniques and express some of your finest meditating experiences. Also share ways to heal yourself spiritually
0 0 None

Music & Film

Discuss music, lyrics, films and television shows that awakened your spirituality or resonated deeply with your search for answers
0 0 None

Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)

Tell us about your Near-Death Experiences or wonderful recounts from others that you have discovered
2 5 Perhaps it was a NDE
by AdministratorAnna

Oracles & Divination

Discuss all things about Tarot, Angel Cards, Runes, I-Ching, Dowsing, Scrying and other forms of divination
0 0 None

Paranormal & Supernatural

Anything paranormal, supernatural, spooky or eerie! Share ghostly experiences, hauntings and other-worldy moments
4 77 Physical mediumship discussions
by normy


Discuss your philosophies and ideas - ask all of those burning questions about life in general
1 13 The Purpose of Life
by AdministratorAnna

Psychic & Mediumship Readings

Wow us with your psychic and or mediumship readings!
2 5 is one born
by AdministratorAnna

Reincarnation & Past Lives

Talk about Past Lives and Reincarnation whether its something you believe in or something you doubt. Tell us about articles, books, experiences that are related to reincarnations and past lives
0 0 None

Religion & Theology

Discuss all religions, your views, questions, experiences and information (not to be used for recruiting new followers)
1 12 Have you stayed with the faith you were raised with or did you change?
by mac

Shared-Death Experiences

Have you had a shared death experience or know someone who has? Discuss all things related to Shared Death Experiences
0 0 None

Spirituality & Other Topics

Spirituality in general and any other spiritual topics not already listed
2 19 My friend's unpleasant sexual experience with a ghost
by AdministratorAnna

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